Pay tax with Citibank Credit Card or Cobrand Card to get up to 100% guaranteed cash rebate

Simply settle your personal tax of HK$5,000 or above from now until Jan 31, 2007, you can enter instant lucky draw to win guaranteed cash rebate of at least 0.1% and even up to a maxmium of 100%.
From now to Dec 31, 2006, you will get a guaranteed prize when paying your tax online. More, register through SMS, you will enter "Online Weekly Lucky Draw" and get double chances to win a VW Polo!

Besides, if you enroll card e-statement services, a Circle-K one-week newspaper coupon will be yours.
Want to pay by installment? Apply Citibank Credit Card "Flexi Installment" Program after your tax payment now. You can get a free Gulf Air round-trip ticket to Bangkok^. For enquires, just call our one-stop Help line at 2860 0377 or send SMS to
9688 0377#.
# ^ Please refer to remarks in below.
 Pay Tax and Lucky Draw registration services operate from 12:01am Nov 2, 2006 to 11:59pm Jan 31,2007.
Please process your tax payment at least 7 working days before the payment due date.
*1.The rebate amount depends on the actual tax payment made through your Citibank Credit / Co-brand Card. Each maximum cash rebate are capped as: 0.1% - HK$500, 1% - HK$1,000,
5% - HK$5,000, 10% - HK$10,000, 100% - HK$100,000.
2.Each cardholder is entitled to a maximum 2 Lucky draw entries.
3.Please note tax payment made with Citibank Credit Card to Inland Revenue Department will not be eligible for Rewards Points. Besides, settle tax payment with Citibank Cash Back VISA Card will not be eligible for Spending Cash Rebate.
Have your PIN ready, or call 2860 0333 to get your pin.
Log On Citibank Online and go to "Payment & Transfers".
Under "Add Payees", select Merchant as payee type and search "Tax, Business Registration , or Stamp Duty".
In "Account No. with Payee" enter your 11 digits Shroff A/C no. (No need to enter "-")
Once payee is added, return to "Payment & Transfers" and pay tax with your Citibank Credit Card.
After the tax Payment, please call the Citibank "Tax Payment and Lucky Draw Registration Hotline" to perform lucky draw.
To check credit limit or apply for increase credit limit, please call 2860 0333 for enquiry.
Please follow instruction and enter the following information:
·Your 16 digits Card No.
·The first 4 digits of your Tax File No.after "-".
·Your 11 digits Shroff Account No. (No need to enter "-").
·Please round up your tax payment to the nearest dollar.
eg. tax payment amount of HK$10,045.3 will be entered as 10046.
Perform lucky draw right away.
Remarks: Citibank Credit Card "Flexi Installment" Program:
#To apply via SMS, please enter: Your name, loan amount & payment term to 9688 0377.
^Terms and conditions apply, please call 2860 0377 for details.

Tax Payment Terms and Conditions:
1.The program is applicable to Principal Cardholders ("Cardholders") of Citibank Credit Cards / Cobrand Cards ("Citibank Credit Card") issued by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited. Not applicable to CitiBusiness Card and Citibank Renminbi Credit Card or supplementary card of any Citibank Citibank Credit Card.
2.The program period is from November 2, 2006 to January 31, 2007 (Program Period).
3.Cardholder can settle the tax payment either through Citibank Online Bill Payment Service or through the 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking 2860 0333. Tax payment by phone will be available on November 2, 2006 12:01a.m. to January 31, 2007 11:59pm.
4.Cardholder who settles the tax payment through online or by phone is required to provide Citibank Credit Card number, the 11 digits Tax Shroff Account Number and the tax payment amount. Cardholder who settles their tax payment by phone is also required to provide the first 4 numeric number after the '-' key of the Tax File Number also.
5.Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited will process the tax payment according to the information submitted by the Cardholder. Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited is not responsible or liable for any claim or loss as a result of such tax payment including but not limited to late application, incorrect Shroff Account Number / File Number provided or insufficient credit limit available of the Cardholder.
6.Tax payment application will take at least 7 working days. The application once registered, cannot be changed, cancelled, transferred or reversed. Cardholders who settle the tax payment by phone will be given a reference number but the corresponding reference should not be constructed as a confirmation of the successful application. Cardholder will be notified of the application results by mail within 10 working days.
7.Application of the Program is subject to Cardholders accounts status checking and available credit limit at the time the request is received and final acceptance by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited in its absolute discretion.
8.A request for the Program, either through online or by phone, will be deemed to be acceptance of the terms and conditions hereby listed below in addition to the terms and conditions of the Citibank VISA and MasterCard Agreement, Citibank Cash Back Visa Card Agreement, Citibank Cathay Pacific Visa Agreement, Citibank Ultima Agreement, Shell Citibank Platinum Card Agreement, whichever is applicable (each a "Cardholder Agreement"). The words and expressions used herein shall have the same meaning as in the Cardholder Agreement. In case of any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of this Program and the Cardholder Agreement, the terms and conditions herein contained shall prevail.
9.All matters or disputes are subject to the final decision of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited.
10.Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
11.In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.
Lucky Draw General Terms and Conditions:
1.The program period is from November 2, 2006 to January 31, 2007 (Program Period).
2.Each cardholder is eligible to 1 lucky draw chance for each tax payment of HK$5,000 or above through online or by phone with Citibank Credit Card during the program period. Each Customer is only eligible for 2 lucky draw entries during the program period. And only the registration of the first 2 successful transactions will be considered.
3.Cardholder must be registered to participate in the lucky draw. Cardholder who settles the tax payment through online must register for the lucky draw. Cardholder who settles the tax payment by phone will automatically be registered for the lucky draw. Cardholder who has successfully registered the Lucky draw will be eligible for the specific Cash Rebate generated from the system. ("Rebate").
4.If the cardholder registered more than once with the same transaction, only the first registration record will be considered, all other registrations will not be considered and will not be entitled to the Rebate. The 0.1% Rebate is capped at HK$500; The 1% Rebate is capped at HK$1,000; The 5% Rebate is capped at HK$5,000; The 10% Rebate is capped at HK$10,000; While the 100% Rebate is capped at HK$100,000.
5.Lucky draw registration will start on November 2, 2006 12:01a.m. until January 31, 2007, 11:59 p.m. The respective Citibank Credit Card number and tax payment amount must be provided for lucky draw registration. Cardholder will not be entitled to any Rebate if registration cannot be successfully completed by January 31, 2007.
6.Upon successful registration, the Rebate will be announced. Only one draw will be given by computer for each registration on a random basis. The lucky draw, once conducted, cannot be cancelled, changed, transferred or reversed. Draw result will be announced instantly through our phone system and a reference number will be given. Not with standing the above, the successful registration and the corresponding reference number should NOT be construed as a confirmation of the eligibility of the Rebate.
7.The corresponding Rebate will be credited to the eligible account within 8 weeks after successful registration. Rebate cannot be transferred or used to redeem any cash or other rewards. Cardholders should maintain valid Citibank Credit Card during the entire Promotion Period and at the time the Rebate is given or Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right to forfeit the Rebate without prior notice.
8.Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited will verify the validity of the Cardholders' registration record against own record. If there is any discrepancy, the record and final decision of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited shall prevail and Rebate may be forfeited without prior notice.
9.Cardholders must keep all original tax demand note and/ or relevant documents. In case of any dispute, Citibank (Hong Kong)Limited reserves the right to request Cardholder to submit the relevant original tax demand note and/ or further documents or evidence for inspection at any time during or after the Promotion Period.
10.Any registered transaction that is found fraudulent, or eventually cancelled/ returned will not be entitled to the Rebate.
11.Employees of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited, their immediate family members and employees of the bank's advertising agency are NOT eligible for the offer.
General Terms and Conditions of Weekly Lucky Draw for Online Users:
1.The promotion period is from November 2, 2006 to December 31, 2006.
2.Customers who successfully settled the tax payment through Online and register through SMS once within the promotion period will be eligible for 2 lucky draw entries.
3.Customers are required to send an SMS to 6110 0333 with the SMS Registration Code in order to register for the lucky draw program. The mobile phone number of the SMS sender will be used for identification of customer and must match with the bank's record.
4.SMS notification will be sent to the winners' mobile phone numbers according to thebank's record and redemption letters will be mailed to the customer's billing address within 14 working days after lucky draw.
5.Terms and conditions of the Citibank Online Lucky Draw Promotion apply. Please refer to the promotional material for details.
General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Statement Offer:
1.The promotion period is from November 2, 2006 to January 31, 2007.
2.Successfully enroll the electronic statement service within the promotion period; cardholder is guaranteed to get the Circle K One Week Newspaper Coupon.
3.The redemption letter for the Circle K One Week Newspaper Coupon will be mailed to the cardholder's billing address within 8 weeks after the end of the promotion period.
4.Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited shall not be responsible for any matters relating to the products or services provided. The respective companies are solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities in relation to such products or services.
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