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Banking Services

Revolutionizing the art of growing your fortune
Always know you are in safe and capable hands with Citibank's Banking Services. Visualize your investments and watch them prosper, helping you build a greater future.
Banking Service
  • Why not simplify your life by paying your utilities, Credit Card and insurance premium automatically through Autopay?
  • Simply register with our Consolidated Autopay Form and once Autopay is set up, you will never have to worry about forgetting to pay your bills again.
Ask for a copy of the Consolidated Autopay Form at any Citibank branch, or drop us an e-mail.
Manager's Checks
Manager's Checks are Hong Kong Dollar cashier's checks* issued by Citibank with guaranteed payment by the bank.
*Manager's Checks are available to Citibank customers only and are issued only in Hong Kong Dollars. If you require another currency, consider a demand draft.
*Payment of a Manager's Check cannot be stopped once the payee has received the check.
*If you lose your Manager's Check, report it immediately to our Personal Bankers. A Letter of Indemnity from the customer and the beneficiary of the Check is also required to file the loss.
Wire Transfer Remittance
It's easy to transfer your money in and out of Citibank.
Making a wire transfer takes just three easy steps:
  • Instruct the remitting bank to quote the corresponding account number according to the currency of your deposit
  • Quote your Citibank Hong Kong account number with deposit details
  • Quote "Attn: GCB/CAS"
When you need to remit funds from other banks to your Citibank Hong Kong account, instruct your remitting bank to quote 250 as the bank code and 390 as the branch code. Include your name and your Hong Kong dollar account number and you're done.
Take total control of your money - start a relationship with us today.
Gift of Love
Why not consider gift checks for special occasions like birthdays and weddings? A gift check doesn't have to bear the recipient's name and you can specify the amount to be paid.
Gift checks in Hong Kong Dollars are available up to HK$10,000 and there is no expiry date.*
Purchase your Gift Checks by visiting your nearest Citibank branch or call us at 2860 0222.
* Please be careful not to misplace or lose Gift Checks as they cannot be refunded and payments cannot be stopped.
Lost Your Citibank ATM Card?
Relax. Replacing your Citibank ATM Card* is simple and hassle-free.
In Hong Kong, simply visit one of our branches and you'll receive a replacement card instantaneously. Outside of Hong Kong, just contact one of our CitiPhone officers and your new Citibank ATM Card will be mailed to you.
* There is a HK$50 charge for a replacement Citibank ATM Card.
Fund Transfer
  • A wide array of transfer capabilities at your fingertips within Hong Kong and around the world.
  • With our international network, we offer you the most convenient and speedy transfer services.
Still have questions?
Call us at (852) 2860 0333.
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