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Citibank Rewards

Discover more convenient ways to get the best rewards
Enjoy spending your Points with more convenience and flexibility. With Citibank Rewards, you'll always have access to a wider variety of rewards that cater to your every interest, as well as easier ways to redeem your Points. You can enjoy Instant Citibank Rewards at over 1,100 Redemption Hotspots and choose your own rewards from our Citibank Rewards Catalogue.
Our Rewards
Instant Citibank Rewards
With Instant Citibank Rewards, enjoying rewards at over 1,100 Redemption Hotspots is as easy as swiping your card.
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Citibank Rewards Catalogue
To find the very best rewards for you and your loves one, browse through our Citibank Rewards Catalogue.
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Instant Citibank Rewards Online
Easy. Convenient. And fun. Just click and shop online at any time of the day.
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Get more with your Points
Find out more fun and interesting ways to seize on your Citibank Rewards Points.
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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the Citibank Rewards Program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.
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Instant offset your spending at over 1,100 Redemption Hotspots
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