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Citi Community Intern Program
Program Objectives

The Citi Community Intern Program (CIP), partnered with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), is a community internship initiative offering Hong Kong business school students three-month internships in local non-profit organizations (NGOs). The program aims to help local students acquire knowledge and improve awareness of the non-profit sector through working in NGOs. The knowledge and expertise that business students bring to these organizations will help strengthen their long-term sustainability.

Program Details

Launched in October 2009, the CIP is the first-ever collaboration between Hong Kong's academia and the business and non-profit sectors. Citi and HKCSS selected 72 students from a pool of 340 applicants from nine local universities to work in 36 NGOs across Hong Kong. HKCSS provided corporate social responsibility (CSR) training for participating students before they commenced their internships. Throughout the program, senior employees from Citi provided mentorship and valuable advice to students on a voluntary basis.

During the internships, students were involved in an array of activities ranging from marketing and fundraising to management of day-to-day operations for NGOs.

A Recognition Ceremony honoring the success of the program was held for participating students and NGOs in May 2010.
Program Results

First hand work experience in NGOs has helped local students gain a greater understanding of the non-profit sector and its potential career opportunities. A survey conducted on completion of the internship found that all students would consider pursuing a career in the non-profit sector upon graduation. 93% of participants agreed that their internship had helped them develop a stronger sense of values and responsibility to the community.
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