Last Updated: December 27, 2017
Welcome! Citi and its affiliates are pleased to participate in social media through Pages that are maintained by us and hosted on many different social media services, including our Page hosted on YOUTUBE.  By using any Page, you are agreeing to these Social Media Terms.
We are not affiliated with the social media services on which the Pages are hosted, and so your use of those services (including your use of the Pages) is subject to the terms, policies and practices of those services — including terms of use, privacy policies and data security practices — which may differ from ours. Please note that we do not control, and are not responsible for, the conduct or material of any social media service or other third party, including Page users or companies to which the Pages contain a link.
1. Don’t Disclose Personal Information on the Pages. Never disclose account or other financial or personal information, whether related to you or any other person, in connection with the Pages. We will never ask for your account information, social security number or any other sensitive information through social media.
2. Be Respectful. Please help us maintain a respectful atmosphere on the Pages. You may not post any material that is: (a) threatening, harassing or otherwise disrespectful; (b) unsubstantiated, false, defamatory or fraudulent; (c) obscene, indecent, profane, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable; (d) a promotion, advertisement, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell any product or service; (e) infringing or violating any copyright, trademark, trade secret, right of publicity, right of privacy or other proprietary right; (f) violating any confidentiality or other contractual or fiduciary obligation; (g) intended to harm or disrupt any software, hardware or network; (h) intended to affect trading in any security or other financial instrument; (i) otherwise tortious or illegal; or (j) unrelated to the topics presented by us on the Page.
  We may, in our discretion, moderate or remove any material, report any misconduct and the surrounding circumstances to the authorities, and take any appropriate action against any user whom we believe has violated these Social Media Terms, including by repeatedly engaging in copyright infringement.
3. Use Our Material Appropriately. The Pages contain material owned by us. Subject to these Social Media Terms, you may view such material solely for your personal, non-commercial use. All other rights in the Pages are expressly reserved by us. You may not copy, scrape, reverse-engineer, modify, mirror, distribute or publicly display the Pages, remove any proprietary notices from the Pages, or use the Pages for any commercial purpose. You must cease using the Pages if you violate these Social Media Terms, or upon request by us.
4. Our License to Use Your Material. If you submit any material in connection with a Page or any promotional hashtag designated by us, you hereby grant to us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, fully sublicensable (through multiple tiers) and transferable license to reproduce, distribute, perform and display (publicly or otherwise), create derivative works of, adapt, modify and otherwise retain, analyze, use and exploit such material in any format or media now known or hereafter developed, and for any purpose, including promotional purposes such as testimonials. You represent that you have the right to grant this license, and you acknowledge that we will not have any confidentiality or fiduciary obligations with respect to any such material.
5. Disclaimers. The Pages are made available “As Is” without any representations or warranties of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory. We will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive damages, even if advised in advance of their possibility; for any damages resulting from third-party materials; or for any damages whatsoever exceeding the total amount, if any, paid by you to us to use the Pages.
6. Important Reminders. The Pages are published in Hong Kong and directed at Hong Kong residents.  Although the Pages may contain material regarding products or services that are only available in certain jurisdictions, we do not intend to make the Pages, or any product or service, available in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law. You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws.
7. Reporting Copyright Complaints. If you believe in good faith that material available on a Page infringes your copyright, you (or your agent) may send to us a written notice, requesting that we remove such material or block access to it. Notices must meet the statutory requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. See for details. Notices must be sent in writing to Edward E. Niehoff, as follows: by mail to Edward E. Niehoff, General Counsel, Operations & Technology, Citigroup Inc., One Court Square, 45th Floor, Long Island City, New York 11120; by e-mail to; or by fax to 718-248-2720. Mr. Niehoff’s phone number is 718-248-2606.
  The contact information above is only for notices of alleged copyright infringement; we cannot respond to other inquiries sent to these addresses. Although not required, we recommend that you send any notices by both fax and e-mail, with the subject line: Notice of Alleged Service Provider Infringement.
8. Changes to the Pages and these Social Media Terms. We may change, remove or limit access to any Page at any time, without notice or liability. We may also change these Social Media Terms at any time by posting an update or otherwise providing reasonable notice to you; if you then continue to use any Page, you are agreeing that your further use of the Pages is subject to the updated Social Media Terms.
9. Miscellaneous. These Social Media Terms are in addition to — and do not replace, modify or expand — any other agreement between you and us, including any agreements regarding our websites , apps, products or services, which may include a binding arbitration agreement. Unless provided otherwise by any such other agreement, your relationship with us with respect to these Social Media Terms will be governed by the laws of New York, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions, and any claims between us relating to the Page or these Social Media Terms will be resolved by a court located in New York County, New York, and any such claims will be resolved without resort to any form of class action. If you are using a Page on behalf of an organization, you are also agreeing to these Social Media Terms on behalf of the organization. You affirm that you are of legal age to agree to these Social Media Terms, or that your parent or guardian has consented on your behalf.
  If you have any questions about these Social Media Terms, please contact
更新日期: December 27, 2017
Citi社交媒體條款 :
1. 不得於「頁面」披露個人資料。 
2. 請尊重他人。 為了於「頁面」上維持和諧氛圍,不得張貼或提供以下用戶內容:
(a). 帶有恐嚇性的、騷擾的、不敬重的;
(b). 帶有未經證實的、虛假的、誹謗性的、欺詐性的;
(c). 帶有淫褻的、不雅的、褻瀆的、歧視性的、令人反感的;
(d). 促銷活動、廣告、推銷、或邀約購買或出售任何產品或服務的;
(e). 違反或侵犯任何版權、商標、商業秘密、肖像權、私隱權、其他知識產權的;
(f). 違反任何保密、合同或其他信託責任的;
(g). 意圖破壞或干擾任何軟件、硬件或網絡系統的;
(h). 意圖影響任何證券或金融工具交易的;
(i). 其他民事上之侵權或非法行為的;或
(j). 與「頁面」所表達的主題無關的。
3. 正確使用本「頁面」的內容。「頁面」上所提供的內容由我們擁有。根據本社交媒體條款規定,閣下可為純個人目的而非商業用途瀏覽本「頁面」上的內容。我們明確地保留「頁面」上所有其他權利。閣下不可複製、抽取、逆向設計、修改、映照、發佈、公開展示本「頁面」之內容、移除「頁面」上任何權利通知,或作商業用途。如閣下違反本社交媒體條款或在我們提出要求時,閣下必須馬上終止使用本「頁面」。
4. 正確使用本「頁面」的內容。「頁面」上所提供的內容由我們擁有。根據本社交媒體條款規定,閣下可為純個人目的而非商業用途瀏覽本「頁面」上的內容。我們明確地保留「頁面」上所有其他權利。閣下不可複製、抽取、逆向設計、修改、映照、發佈、公開展示本「頁面」之內容、移除「頁面」上任何權利通知,或作商業用途。如閣下違反本社交媒體條款或在我們提出要求時,閣下必須馬上終止使用本「頁面」。
5. 免責聲明。 本「頁面」之內容,是按“現況”提供,據此我們不作任何明示、默示或法定形式的陳述或保證。即使我們已被告知該等損害發生的可能性,我們並不承擔任何間接、附帶、衍生性、特別、懲戒性或懲罰性的損害賠償。我們並不負責任何因第三方內容所造成的損害,或超出閣下就使用本「頁面」向我們支付的總額。
6. 重要提示。 我們於香港特別行政區發佈本「頁面」,其服務對象僅限於香港居民。本「頁面」所載的產品或服務只適用於指定的司法管轄區,我們沒有意圖在法例下禁止提供「頁面」或產品或服務的其他司法管轄區提供「頁面」或任何產品或服務。閣下須遵守所有適用法律。
7. 版權投訴。 若閣下真誠相信「頁面」上任何內容侵犯閣下之版權,閣下或閣下之代理人可向我們提交書面通知書,要求我們刪除或對該內容停止存取。通知書必須符合Digital Millennium Copyright Act 之法定要求。詳情可參閱。書面通知書請寄往Edward E. Niehoff, General Counsel, Operations & Technology, Citigroup Inc., One Court Square, 45th Floor, Long Island City, New York 11120。電郵請寄往。傳真可寄到718-248-2720。 Mr. Niehoff的聯絡電話是718-248-2606。
  以上聯絡資料只作侵犯版權通知之用,我們不會回應其他查詢。雖然並非必須,但我們建議閣下經傳真及電郵發出通知,標題為 Notice of Alleged Service Provider Infringement(服務供應商侵犯版權通知)。
8. 「頁面」及社交媒體條款之更改。 我們有權在沒有發出通知及法律責任的情況下,隨時修改、刪除及限制「頁面」的使用;我們亦保留於任何時候,透過刊登已更新的條款或在發出合理通知下,修改本社交媒體條款的權利。若閣下於社交媒體條款的更新發佈後繼續使用「頁面」,則代表閣下接受並同意閣下就「頁面」的使用受更新後的社交媒體條款約束。
9. 其他事項。 本社交媒體條款屬閣下與CITI之間的額外協定,而並不取代、更改或擴大閣下與Citi的其他協議,包括任何與我們的網頁、應用程式、產品或服務的協議,而該等協議可能包括有法律效力的仲裁協議。除非我們該等協議另外訂明,我們於社交媒體條款中之關係須受laws of New York(美國紐約州法律)規限,而毋須理會其法律抵觸的條文。凡因本「頁面」或本社交媒體條款而引起之任何爭議,均由紐約(紐約郡)的法院處理,任何申索均不可訴諸於任何形式的集體訴訟。當閣下代表某機構而使用「頁面」,即表示閣下同意遵守社交媒體條款。閣下確認已年滿 18歲或以上,或已獲得父母或法定監護人許可使用本「頁面」。