Benefits from non-traditional investments

Benefits from non-traditional investments

2014 Q4 Alternatives

Key Highlights:

  • After rallying strongly in 2013, US internet stocks have been muted this year, underperforming both the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 Index. Given the cyclical nature of this sector, the underperformance is largely seen as being driven by concerns that global growth may be faltering.

2014 Q3 Alternatives

Key Highlights:

  • Citi analysts believe it is time for a serious look at commodities as a portfolio diversifier given that:
    • Positive momentum should continue across the commodities sector in 2H.
    • Citi is bullish on the platinum group metals, particularly palladium, thanks to the growth wave triggered by recent stimuli in China.
    • A preference for copper and nickel over iron ore among the base metals due to Asia-specific supply and demand factors.

Going forward, Citi analysts believe that stock selection will be key and that a focus on central growth themes is important. Against this backdrop, they suggest focusing on the Mobile sector, with the proliferation of mobile internet devices and surge in mobile apps usage providing an incremental revenue opportunity.



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