Minimum Payment Due Policy.

A watch placed on top of a balance sheet showing the minimum payment due

In order to encourage healthy personal financial management and help cardholders achieve a level of principal pay-down on the card outstanding, the calculation of Minimum Payment Due which is subject to a minimum of HK$300 has been amended as follows.

Minimum Payment Due

  1. The total of all the current month’s interest, annual fee, late charge, past due amount, other fees and charges if any; and
  2. 1.5% of the statement balance (excluding item a, where applicable); and
  3. 1.5% of the unbilled principal of the Loan (as defined in Terms and Conditions for Citi Credit Card "Quick Cash" Installment Program and Terms and Conditions for Citi Credit Card "Flexi-Installment" Program) (where applicable)

Illustrative example of how minimum payment due is calculated

Description Amount (HK$)
Monthly Interest Rate 2%
Current Billed Interest 379.27
Billed Statement Balance 12,352.43
Original Current Minimum Payment Due
= 4% * HK$12,352.43
= HK$494.10

Remaining Balance
= HK$12,352.43 - HK$379.27
= HK$11,973.16

Current Minimum Payment Due
= HK$379.27 + 1.5% * HK$11,973.16
= HK$558.87


The examples are for illustrative purpose only and do not necessarily represent the actual payments in any specific cases. The minimum payment due policy applies to Citibank Classic Card, Citibank Gold Card, Citi Rewards Card, Citi Cash Back American Express® Card, Citi Cash Back Card, Citi Clear Card, Citi Prestige Card, Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Octopus Credit Card, Citi Ultima Card.

According to the Code of Banking Practice, all credit providers should quote the annualized percentage rate (APR) to facilitate comparison between different charging structures. Please feel free to contact our CitiPhone Banking on 2860 0333 if you have any questions on the above.