Turn Big Payments into
Big Rewards

Isn’t it disappointing that you handle Rent, Tuition Fees, Management Fees and Monthly Car Park Fees, and all without rewards? Settle the payments via Citi PayAll to earn up to 900,000 Points^ now!


Tuition fees

Management fees

Monthly car park fees

We know you have loads of monthly expenses to cover. That’s why Citi is bringing you our groundbreaking Citi PayAll function.

By setting up PayAll on the Citi Mobile® App, you can just stay at home to settle+ monthly expenses to any bank account with your Citi Credit Card.

Just perform a one-time set-up to get started.

^ Please note that depending on your choice of credit card, you may earn reward Points / cash back for each payment.

Use Citi PayAll to earn up to
900,000 Points* in a year

With Citi PayAll, your key monthly payments can earn you Points fast.

Take the typical spending of a 4-member family as an example.

Rent HK$32,000
Kids’ tuition fees HK$12,000
Property management fees HK$2,000
Monthly car park fees HK$4,000
Total monthly payments: HK$50,000 x 12
(Earns 900,000 Points*
in total)

You can use the Points to redeem tickets# for your dream year-end family vacation!

*The calculation is based on the assumption that all transactions are made with Citi PremierMiles Card, cardholders of Citi PremierMiles Card will be awarded 12 Points per HK$8 local transaction posted.

#Reward flight redemption with miles are subject to availability. Taxes, fees and carrier charges apply. The flight redemption information is as of May 31, 2019 and is subject to changes in the respective mileage programs.

Earn an extra cash rebate up to HK$500 on settling your Rent, Tuition Fees, Management Fees and Monthly Car Park Fees while staying home! Just use Citi Rewards Visa / Mastercard to settle+ bills via Citi PayAll to designated transaction amounts below, and you can earn the rewards! What's more? You can earn up to 600,000 Points in a year! Register and set up on Citi Mobile® App now!

Accumulate Citi PayAll transactions
during the promotion period (HK$)
Earn Cash Rebate (HK$)
$20,000 - $39,999$250
$40,000 or above$500
Register Now

(The offer is limited to the first 1,800 successfully registered Citi Rewrads Visa / Mastercard Cardholders.
Limited quota on a first-come-first-served basis.)

Promotion Period: From now until March 31, 2020

△ The calculation is based on the assumption that HK$50,000 monthly PayAll transactions are made in 12 months with Citi Rewards Visa / Mastercard, cardholders of Citi Rewards Visa / Mastercard will be rewarded 1 Point per HK$1 (or equivalent foreign currency charged).

+ Please note that, a fee is charged for each Citi PayAll transaction. The fee is reflected after you input the transaction amount and recipient details.


Easy to Pay

Perform a one-time set-up on the Citi Mobile® App to automatically schedule all your key monthly payments.
One-time payment is also available.


Stay in Control

You can log in to Citi Mobile® App to review your payment settings anytime.


What is Citi PayAll?

Citi PayAll is a new credit card service that lets you pay your rent, management fees, carpark fees and tuition fees with your credit card. Start using Citi PayAll by logging in to Citi Mobile® App and selecting Payments.

Which cards can I use?

You can use all existing Citi credit cards for Citi PayAll. Please note that your card needs to be activated in order for you to set up a payee successfully.

Do I earn rewards with Citi PayAll?

Yes, depending on your choice of credit card, you can earn reward points / cash back for each payment.

Is there a fee for Citi PayAll?

Yes, a fee is charged for each Citi PayAll transaction. The fee is reflected after you input the transaction amount and recipient details.

Is there a cap to the amount I can transact?

Yes, there is a monthly cap of HK$50,000 and a maximum of 10 Citi PayAll transactions within a month across all categories. Please note that you are only allowed to make a maximum of 2 Citi PayAll transactions to the same beneficiary within one month.

Can I amend or cancel my transaction after I have scheduled it?

Unfortunately, you cannot amend your transaction once it has been set up. However, should you wish to cancel the transaction, please log in to your Citi Mobile® App. You can review and cancel your existing payment instructions by selecting the Citi PayAll option under "Payments" tab. Please note that you may only cancel a transaction no less than 7 calendar days before its next payment due date. Please also note that if you had paid the lump sum fee, the lump sum service fees are non-refundable. But if you chose to pay via monthly fee, you will not be billed for the remaining months.

What happens to my scheduled payments if I have lost my card?

If you have lost your card and you have received a new card with a new card number, please activate your new card promptly. Your scheduled payments will be transferred over to your new card.

If you had chosen to pay a lump sum fee and have received an email and/or SMS notification alert that your payment has not been successful, please call Citiphone at 2860 0333 for further assistance.

How do I know if my payment is successful?

You will receive an email and/or SMS notification alert when the payment is set up and when the payment is successfully charged to your card. Successful payments will be reflected in your credit card statement.

If you have made a recurring payment, you will also receive a notification alert every month when the transaction is charged to your card.

What if my payment is rejected?

If your payment fails to go through, we will notify you via an email and/or SMS notification alert. Please note that in the case that your payment is rejected by the Beneficiary bank, you will not receive an alert.

When will my payee receive payment?

Please ensure accuracy and completeness in your payment instructions.
Do note that if your payment is made on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, payment may be delayed to the next business day. It is recommended that you set up your payment due date early to avoid any late payment.