Do you love to travel but don’t know how to handle the expense flexibly?

Use Citi Credit Card to sign up for tours, book flights and hotels at EGL (, and you can set up payment by installments after checkout. It’s seamless – you don’t even have to leave the platform!

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Easy application
Set up payment by installments when you checkout
Flexible repayment period
6-24 months
Low interest rate
Monthly flat rate of 0.22%1
Interest rebate
Up to 6 months rebate
Easy Steps


  1. The Annualized Percentage Rate ("APR") for this plan is 4.95%; An APR is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualized rate. APR is calculated based on the guidelines as set out in the Code of Banking Practice and is based on a Monthly Flat Rate ("Monthly Flat Rate") of 0.22%, 12-month installment period and HK$200,000 loan amount. Interest is calculated on the basis of 365 days per year. The actual APR applicable may differ. Monthly Flat Rate is individualized and subject to Eligible Cardholders’ Citi Credit Card account status at the time the request is received. Please call our Application Hotline at 2860 0382 to check for individualized Monthly Flat Rate.
  2. Availability of the "PayLite" Installment Program is subject to account status checking, available credit limit or loan limit (whichever applicable) at the time the request is received and the final acceptance by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited ("Citibank") in its absolute discretion. Citibank has the right to revise the final approved loan amount.

Citi 信用卡簽賬「分期更好使」計劃條款及細則

  1. Citi信用卡簽賬「分期更好使」計劃申請服務(「本服務」)只適用於指定之Citi信用卡特選主卡客戶(「特選客戶」)。
  2. 本服務適用於特選客戶憑合資格Citi 信用卡於東瀛遊網上預訂平台 (「東瀛遊網上預訂平台」) 超過港幣500元的單一淨額簽賬(定義見條款3) (「合資格交易」) 。
  3. 「單一淨額簽賬」只適用於扣除所有折扣、減價金額及現金券金額後之單一簽賬。所有未誌賬/取消/退款/僞造/未經許可之簽賬均不適用於本服務。
  4. 如欲使用本服務,特選客戶必須提供合資格信用卡賬戶最後4位數字及於花旗銀行最後登記之手機號碼來獲取一次性密碼以便身份驗證。當一次性密碼成功輸人後,特選客戶身份將被核實及即時可以該信用卡申請Citi 信用卡簽賬「分期更好使」計劃。。
  5. 本服務於特選客戶進行合資格交易後有效。若特選客戶在自願或非自願(包括但不限於網絡中斷、電子設備故障或東瀛遊網上預訂平台的意外中斷)的情況下退出上述條款4所列出的步驟,特選客戶將不能繼續本服務並需要在東瀛遊網上預訂平台再次進行合資格交易以享本服務。
  6. 特選客戶每次只可以該項合資格交易金額申請本服務。
  7. 適用於個別客戶的實際年利率或有差異,並會不定時作出更改。適用之實際年利率會以申請時透過東瀛遊網上預訂平台之Citi 簽賬「分期更好使」計劃網頁所顯示的為準。
  8. 如手機號碼有所變更,客戶應立即向花旗銀行更新。花旗銀行不就因本服務所造成客戶或任何人的損失或損害承擔任何責任。
  9. 本服務的申請一經遞交,不得取消、更改或撤回。
  10. 除特別註明外,本服務受Citi信用卡賬單「分期更好使」計劃及Citi信用卡簽賬「分期更好使」計劃之條款及細則約束,詳情請瀏覽

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