Online shopping: safe and secure.

Online shopping: safe and secure.

Added security on your online purchases.

Available at participating 3D Secure merchants.


Additional verification for greater peace of mind

Enhances online security without additional software required

Simple and convenient

The new version of Citi Mobile® App and its enhanced security features will be able to deliver a more frictionless online shopping journey with quicker online payment process. You will no longer be required to input SMS OTP to authenticate online transaction on your Citi Credit Card or Debit Card. Instead, you can now authenticate transactions seamlessly via Citi Mobile® App Push Notification.

Steps for Citi Mobile® App Transaction Authentication Service:

  • Instant push notification gets triggered upon payment initiated at merchant page
  • Tap the push notification to launch Citi Mobile® App
  • View transaction details and tap “Proceed” to authorize transaction with Biometric ID or password
  • Transaction gets validated, and you will be redirected back to merchant page

Smart Tips for users who are new to "Citi Mobile® App Transaction Authentication Service":

Enable "Citi Mobile® App Enhanced Security" and Push Notification

  • Login to Citi Mobile® App. Read the details and tap “Continue”
  • Enter the One-time Password (OTP) from the SMS
  • Select “OK” to allow the use of Biometric ID and complete the authentication
  • Read the details and tap “Done”, enhanced security function is enabled
  • Tap the inbox icon at the top right
  • Tap “Enable” for Push Notification to complete setup

How it works

When you make an online purchase at the participating 3D Secure merchants, you will be prompted to key in your 15 or 16-digit card number, card expiry date and 4CSC/CVV2.

A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone number as maintained in our records.

Enter the OTP when the pop-up screen appears.


When you have registered Enhanced Security Function in Citi Mobile® App, online purchase ,authorized through 3D Secure platform, will be authenticate with Citi Mobile® App instead of SMS OTP. 

In view of the increasing SMS phishing attack, authenticate your transaction with registered Citi Mobile® App will be a safer authentication method due to below reasons:
  1. Authenticate transactions with Citi Mobile® App in one trusted device only.
  2. In-app authentication is safer than SMS OTP authentication.
  3. You can review transaction details in your registered device before proceed or cancel transactions.

After you have registered Enhanced Security Function in Citi Mobile® App and turned on Push Notification setting, online purchase authorized via 3D Secure Platform will be authenticated with Citi Mobile® App. Simply follow below steps to complete authentication:
  1. Launch the registered Citi Mobile® App in your trusted device
  2. At pre-login page, select “QR Scan” then “Citi Scan and Pay/ QR Authentication”
  3. Scan the QR code shown in Citi bank Online
  4. Review your transaction shown on Citi Mobile® App
  5. Complete transaction with your account password or biometric authentication

Only online purchase authorized with 3D Secure platform will be authentication via Citi Mobile® App.

Tap the Citi Mobile®  Token button on your Citi Mobile® App’s pre-login page, the authentication page will be shown afterwards. If you have more than 1 pending transactions, they will be displayed after you tap the button.

If you cannot authenticate successfully, you may also tap on the “Send SMS OTP” button to authenticate with SMS OTP.