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Eatigo Cash Voucher
Eatigo Cash Voucher

A wide range of savory delicacies await your selection! Successfully apply for
a Citi Cash Back Card or a Citi Rewards VISA Card via designated website now to receive
a HK$500 Eatigo cash vouchers and enjoy up to HK$1,000 welcome offers!

Eatigo Welcome Offer
Eatigo Welcome Offer
1. Cardholders must make qualified transactions with a Citi Rewards Card ("Eligible Card") in the designated merchant categories, which are Department Stores, Supermarkets and Telecom Providers in Hong Kong ("Designated Merchant Categories") ("Qualified Transactions"). Telecommunications spending stands for transactions at designated Telecommunications companies and monthly autopay of your telecommunications bill payments such as mobile service, household fixed line, internet service and pay TV.
2. All Qualified Transactions are entitled to 5X Points for which 5 Points will be rewarded for every HK$1 charged, which include the basic spending reward of 1 Point rewarded under the Citi ThankYou Rewards and the extra 4 Points ("the Extra 4X Points").The Extra 4X Points will be capped at 50,000 Points to each Eligible Card account per statement cycle.
3. All Qualified Transactions made during the Principal Cardholders' birthday month (based on transaction date) are entitled to 8X Points for which 8 Points will be rewarded for every HK$1 charged, which include the basic spending reward of 1 Point rewarded under the Citi ThankYou Rewards, the extra 4 Points rewarded under the "5X Points" Program and the extra 3 Points rewarded under "8X Birthday Bonus Points" Program ("the Extra 3X Points").The Extra 3X Points will be capped at 15,000 Points to each Eligible Card account per statement cycle.
4. The Offers are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts. Any changes of the Offers will be subject to the availability of coupons at the time of redemption. The gift vouchers are Hung Fook Tong, Wellcome Gift Coupon, Häagen-Dazs and Starbucks Card. For more details please log onto the “Citi ThankYouSM Rewards”.
To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions of Citi Credit Card Acquisition Promotion with Eatigo:

  • Unless otherwise specified, the promotion period is valid from August 15 to September 11, 2019 both days inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  • Customers (“Eligible Cardholders”) must submit the application form during the Promotion Period and successfully apply for a principal card of Citi Rewards VISA or Citi Cash Back Card (“Eligible Card”) issued by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Citibank”) during the Promotion Period through the dedicated Citibank website ( and have their Eligible Card successfully approved by October 16, 2019. If customers do not apply eligible card through the dedicated Citibank website (, customers are not entitled to receive any offer for this promotion.
  • Eligible Cardholder will be eligible for HK$1,000 Cash Rebate for Citi Cash Back Card or 135,000 Points for Citi Rewards VISA (“Welcome Offer”), and HK$500 Eatigo Cash Voucher (“Time Limited Offer").
  • Welcome Offer and Time Limited Offer are only applicable to customers who currently do not hold and have not held any principal Citi Credit Card within the past 12 months from the month of issuance of the Eligible Card.
  • Eligible Cardholders are required to accumulate spending of HK$10,000 or above using the Eligible Card within the first 2 months from the date of card issuance (“Spending Condition”) in order to be eligible for the Welcome Offer and Time Limited Offer.
  • Each Eligible Cardholder is entitled to only one Welcome Offer and one Time Limited Offer. Welcome Offer will be credited to Eligible Cardholders’ card account within 4 months upon the month of meeting the spending condition.
  • The Time Limited Offer is provided by Eatigo Hong Kong Limited. Eligible Cardholders shall activate the Cash Voucher on or before March 31, 2020 according to the code on the fulfillment email sent by Citibank and the redemption period lasts for 1 year upon activation of the Cash Voucher.
  • The Time Limited Offer fulfillment email will be sent to the Eligible Cardholder’s email address on or before February 14, 2020. Please refer to the fulfillment email for the terms and conditions of the Cash Voucher Redemption.
  • All posted transactions and monthly installments of billed interest free installment plan conducted by principal and supplementary card(s), if applicable, are included in the Spending Conditions calculation. Ineligible transactions, including but not limited to, transactions through Faster Payment System (FPS) services, traveler's checks, cash advances, withdrawal amount/loan amount under the Balance Transfer Program, Cash Conversion Program, “FlexiBill” Installment Program and “PayLite” Installment Program and Quick Cash Installment Program, payment to the Inland Revenue Department, online bill payment or utilities bill / insurance transactions made with Eligible Card via internet banking or online payment system, mutual funds payment, fees & charges, casino transactions, unposted/cancelled/refunded transactions, other unauthorized transactions and fraud and abuse transactions.
  • In case of any fraud/abuse/reversal or cancellation of transactions included in the calculation of spending condition, Citibank reserves the right to debit from the Eligible Cardholders’ credit card accounts the equivalent amount of offers awarded under this promotion without prior notice.
  • Eligible Cardholders’ Eligible Card accounts must be valid and in good standing during the entire Promotion Period and fulfillment period in order to enjoy the Welcome Offer and Time Limited Offer.
  • If Eligible Cardholders are entitled to receive any other promotional offers under other promotions, Citibank reserves the right to provide only one of the promotional offers at its sole discretion.
  • The Welcome Offer cannot be changed once indicated on the application form, transferred to another person, cancelled, reversed nor exchanged for cash.
  • Citibank is not a supplier or service provider of the Cash Voucher provided and shall not be responsible for any matters relating to the services provided. Eatigo is solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities in relation to such services. Upon redemption, all the services/ auxiliary services cannot be replaced, returned or refunded.
  • Citibank reserves the right to amend these and relevant terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • Other terms and conditions apply, for details please refer to or
  • All matters and disputes will be subjected to the final decision of Citibank.
  • In the case of discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.