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Highest Time Deposit Rate Today:


Preferential Time Deposit Interest Rate

HKD Up to 0.80% p.a.
AUD Up to 4.50% p.a.
NZD Up to 4.50% p.a.
RMB Up to 2.90% p.a.

Highest Premium Account* Rate Today:


Preferential Premium Account Interest Rate

USD/NZD 10.57% p.a.
USD/GBP 8.44% p.a.


Premium Account is not equivalent to time deposit.

Remarks for Time Deposit and Premium Account rates:Remarks for Time Deposit and Premium Account rates:

  • The interest rates will be updated daily from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).
  • All interest rates are annualized interest rates that are for reference only and are not guaranteed. The actual time deposit interest rates would depend on the terms and conditions of the promotion offers, deposit amount, currency, tenor and interest rate on the value date. All interest rates are subject to change due to market fluctuations without prior notice. Foreign currency time deposit is subject to exchange rate fluctuations, which may provide both opportunities and risks. Please contact 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at (852) 2860 0333 for details.
  • The above Premium Account (PA) Interest Rate is for reference only. PA interest rate is formulated based on a number of factors. This information does not constitute any offer or solicitation to buy or sell. A Premium Account is a structured investment. Investment involves risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions and Important Disclaimer.
  • Investment products are not available for U.S. persons and might only be applicable to limited jurisdiction.