Keep on top of your trading while you're overseas.

Keep on top of your trading while you're overseas

In addition to trading online or via mobile, our International Toll-Free Securities Trading Hotline is a convenient way to trade Hong Kong stock when you travel to China, Taiwan and any other regions.

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Contact our Investment Service Hotline at (852) 2860 0222(852) 2860 0222 or visit any Citibank® branch.

  • Manage Hong Kong stock transactions with International Toll-free Securities Trading Hotline while you're overseas
  • Dedicated numbers for customers frequently travel to China, Taiwan and other regions
Toll-Free Numbers
Region Toll-Free Number
China 4001 200 628I
Taiwan 00801 85 6157II
Other Regions International Access Code + 800 2962 2333III
International Access Codes for Other Regions:
Belgium (00) Brazil (0021) Canada (011)
Denmark (00) France (00) Germany (00)
Hawaii (011) Japan (010) Macau (00)
Malaysia (00) New Zealand (00) Philippines (00)
Singapore (001) Spain (00) Sweden (00)
Switzerland (00) Thailand (001) USA (011)
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  1. Toll-free calls can be made via mobile phones or fixed telephone lines to place your Hong Kong stock orders.
  2. Not applicable to calls made by mobile phones connected to KG Telecom.
  3. Not applicable to calls made by mobile phones in the following regions : Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.
  4. You may be subject to additional charges by service providers or third parties such as hotel for the call. Please check with relevant parties for details.

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