24-hour real time FX trading service.

24-hour real time FX trading service

24-hour Real Time Foreign Currency (FX) Trading Service

Citibank has introduced the first-in-the Hong Kong market, 24-hour foreign currency real time trading service, which means that upon the execution of your order, the relevant funds in the designated currency will be credited into your account, enabling you to place a new order right away. From now on, you can buy / sell 11 major currencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the following channels*:

Service Channels

Service Channels

24-hour FX Order Watching Service

Through Citibank 24-hour FX Order Watching Service, you can set up your online FX order easily. We will conduct 24-hour buy/sell of your designated currency, when the pre-set criteria are reached.

Step 1: Check current FX rate

24-hour FX Order Watching Service

Step 2: Set Up An Order

1. "Normal" Order:

  • Buy / sell currencies at your designated FX rate

"Normal" Order

2. "Stop Limit" Order:

  • Buy / Sell currencies when the market prices fall below or rise above designated FX rate

"Stop Limit" Order

3. "If Done" Order:

  • Execute 2 sequential instructions within 1 order
  • For example:

    • 1st instruction: Buy AUD at 8.20
    • 2nd instruction: Sell AUD at 8.40 to take profit
    • If 1st instruction is executed, then the 2nd instruction becomes activated

4. "If Done One-Cancel-the-Other (If Done OCO)" Order:

  • Execute two sequential instructions, with the 2nd instruction being an "OCO" order
  • For example:
    • 1st Instruction: Order AUD at 8.20
    • 2nd Instruction:
      • Either sell AUD at 8.40 to take profit
      • OR sell AUD at 8.00 to stop loss
  • If 1st instruction is executed, then the 2nd instruction becomes activated
  • Execution of either one of the 2nd instruction will automatically cancel the other.

"If Done One-Cancel-the-Other (If Done OCO)" Order

5. "One-Cancel-the-Other (OCO)" Order:

  • Contains two alternative instructions in which the execution of either one will automatically cancel the other
  • For example:
    • You have already bought AUD at 8.20 and plan
    • Either to sell AUD at 8.40 to take profit
    • OR to sell AUD at 8.00 to stop loss

"One-Cancel-the-Other (OCO)" Order

Terms And Conditions:Terms And Conditions:

On US holidays, only applicable to HKD and RMB. For other currencies, no trading on holidays of other currencies' home country except RMB. For details, please refer to the Currency Manager Guide available at branches and online.


This website is for information only and does not constitute any offer to buy or sell. Foreign currency trading is subject to rate fluctuations which may provide both opportunities and risks. Investors may experience a loss when they convert foreign currency back to their home currency. Investors should therefore determine whether any foreign currency trading is suitable for them in the light of their own financial position, investment objectives and risk profile.

Citibank or any of its associates will benefit from the origination and distribution of the in-house product.