Global Banking.

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With Citibank®, your privileges extend way beyond home. Whether you are traveling overseas, relocating to another country or seeking global investment opportunities, we give you total control of your finances from anywhere in the world via an extensive international network of branches, ATMs and Citibank® Online.

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Relocating to Other Countries

  • Supported by a multi-country presence, online and mobile banking services, plus 20,000 ATMs and 4,000 branches, Citibank® will always be easily within your reach.

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Traveling Overseas

  • With Citibank® as your wealth management partner, you can travel the world secure in the knowledge that you have a global network you can count on.

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Investing Globally

  • As an international bank with experience in countries across the globe, no matter what your financial needs are, whether transferring money overseas or investing in international markets, we're here to help.

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Studying Abroad

  • Partnered with a professional educational consultant, we provide clients with a one-stop service for studying abroad, helping you better prepare your children for their exciting future.

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Moving to Hong Kong

  • Citibank® in Hong Kong offers a comprehensive range of banking and wealth management services for you to prepare for your new life in Hong Kong.

Managing Global Accounts using Citi’s Global Client Banking

Managing My Global Accounts

  • Take advantage of instant transfers between your Citibank® accounts via Citibank® Global Transfer and get an overview of them easily with our Global View of Accounts.