Global Citizen.

Global Citizen.

A global citizen like you deserves a truly global bank like Citibank®. Supported by a multi-country presence, a suite of world-class regular, online and mobile banking services, plus 13,000 ATMs and 4,000 branches, Citibank® will always be easily within your reach.

Services applicable to Citigold Private Client® and Citigold® clients only.

Cross-border Account Opening

Cross-border Account Opening

  • If you are relocating to another country, we can pre-arrange an appointment for you with your preferred branch where, upon your arrival, our bankers can assist you with your banking needs.

    To get started on the process, you may contact your local Citibank representative.
  • *
    Account opening and card issuance are subject to local regulations in host countries

Citibank® Global Transfer

Citibank® Global Transfer

  • Free & real-time fund transfer to overseas Citibank® accounts in your or your designated third party's name in over 15 countries and regions at no charge.

Global View of Accounts

Global View of Accounts

  • You can access a one-page overview of all your Citibank® accounts simply and securely in over 10 participating countries with one single login.

Global Status Recognition


Global Status Recognition

  • If you're a Citigold Private Client® or Citigold® client in Hong Kong who's achieved the required Average Daily Combined Balance, you will also enjoy Citigold® status when opening an account overseas in your new country should you relocate out of Hong Kong.

Terms & Conditions:Terms & Conditions:

Global Banking Services:

All services provided under Global Banking Services are subject to availability and local regulatory restrictions and Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited does not guarantee the availability of any of these services in any market Citibank operates in. Citibank reserves the right to change Global Banking Services product offerings without prior notice to clients. Global Banking Services are applicable to designated regions only. Some regions are exempted from providing part of the services and some services are only applicable to Citigold Private Client and Citigold clients. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Global Banking Services stated below.

Citibank Global Transfer:

Applicable to handling fees incurred by Citibank (Hong Kong) Ltd only. For incoming fund transfers from overseas Citibank branches, please refer to each originating country's fees and charges.

This service is only applicable to clients of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited. Transaction screening may apply, this may lead to the delay of the transaction.

If the transaction involves currency conversion, the "Citibank Global Transfer" transaction page in "Citibank Online" will display the exchange rate on such currency conversion to get client‘s confirmation. Clients should understand that for certain currencies, they can choose to complete the foreign exchange before transfer whereby the applicable exchange rate may be different from or lower than the rate display in the "Citibank Global Transfer" transaction page.

Global View of Accounts:

Global View of Accounts is a service under Citibank Global Banking that provides Citibank clients with an online view-only summary of their multi-country Citibank accounts from their home country. Through Global View of Accounts, a client's internet home page in their home country will provide a view-only account summary for each country registered where the client has a Citibank banking relationship. The client can then further launch the internet banking session of any other registered country with a single click and through the provision of his logon credentials of that respective country, perform banking activities in that country.

Other Remarks:

For Citibanking clients, if the "Average Daily Combined Balance" for the previous month falls below HK$10,000, a monthly service fee of HK$60 will be charged. A monthly service fee of HK$400 will apply to all International Personal Banking Citibanking clients, irrespective of the clients’ “Average Daily Combined Balance”. International Personal Banking clients are defined as clients whose correspondence address is not a Hong Kong address in our records.

For Citi Priority clients, if the "Average Daily Combined Balance" for three consecutive months falls below HK$500,000, a monthly service fee of HK$120 will be charged. A monthly service fee of HK$400 will apply to all International Personal Banking Citi Priority clients, irrespective of the clients’ “Average Daily Combined Balance”.

For Citigold clients, if the "Average Daily Combined Balance" for three consecutive months falls below HK$1,000,000 for 3 months, a monthly service fee of HK$300 will be charged (the monthly service fee for International Personal Banking clients is HK$500).

The “Average Daily Combined Balance” is calculated based on the sum of your daily balances of deposit, investment and accumulated paid premium of selected insurance products of all your single name account(s) and joint name account(s), divided by the number of calendar days in the month. Selected insurance products mean insurance policy(ies) with savings element or investment-linked insurance.

Important Notice:

  • This webpage is for information purpose only and does not constitute any offer or solicitation or advice to buy or sell any security. Investments are not bank deposits and are not obligations of, guaranteed or insured by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited, Citibank N.A., Citigroup Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, or by any local governmental or insurance agency, and involve risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Share prices may go down as well as up. Investment products are not available for U.S. persons and might only be applicable to limited jurisdiction. Any person considering an investment should seek independent advice on the suitability or otherwise of the particular investment.
  • The English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail wherever there is a discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions.