HK$1,500,000 or above

Citi Plus
  • No minimum deposit requirement

Fill in personal information and make an appointment at branch to complete the application
Apply online and no need to visit branch

HK$1,500,000 or above

Fill in personal information and make an appointment at branch to complete the application

Citi Plus
  • No minimum deposit requirement

Apply online and no need to visit branch

Enjoy an array of convenient banking services.

Banking Services

Citibank® provides you with an array of great banking services, taking care of your different needs.


Enquiry and Application Hotline (852) 2860 0230(852) 2860 0230.

Fund Transfer

Our remittance services allow you to complete a fund transfer in the blink of an eye.

Citibank® Global Transfer

Convenient and real-time fund transfer between your Citibank® Hong Kong account and overseas Citibank® accounts.

For more details about Citibank® Global Transfer, please click here.

Telegraphic Transfer

Secure channel for transferring funds in any major currency from your Citibank® account to overseas accounts.

To view online demo, please click here.

Local Inter-bank Funds Transfer

Instant fund transfer from your Citibank® account to any other bank account in Hong Kong.

Fund Transfer Services at Branch

We offer you fast and secure fund transfer services including Telegraphic Transfer, Local Inter-bank Funds Transfer and Drafts.

Please click here to view the daily transfer limit.

Bill Payments

You can settle your bills hassle-free now!

By Autopay

It is free to set up autopay instructions for bill payments1,2 with Citibank® Online or Citi Mobile App, please click here to watch a step by step guide to set up an autopay with Citi Mobile App.

Citibank® Online

You may also settle your bills for over 300 EPSCO merchants via Citibank® Online. See demo

E-Cheque deposit service

E-Cheque deposit service

As part of an industry wide launch of e-Cheque services in Hong Kong in December 2015, a new e-Cheque deposit service is available to you.

What is e-Cheque?

  • E-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of the paper cheque. It is a PDF document showing all essential information such as cheque date, payee’s name and cheque amounts etc.
  • This service provides an efficient and convenient alternative for bank customers to receive payments.
  • It provides enhanced security features and saves the need for physical delivery and physical presentment. Payment with e-Cheques will become faster, easier and entirely paperless.

How to deposit an e-Cheque?

Clients can deposit the e-Cheque through the Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL) e-Check Portal Drop-box service which is available at:

  • Web portal for computers: www.echeque.hkicl.com.hk
  • Mobile application for mobile devices: Search the keyword "e-cheque".

Clients are required to register at the HKICL e-cheque Portal Drop-box service before deposit the e-cheque. For details of the registration & deposit process, please visit www.echeque.hkicl.com.hk

Check-related Services

Gift Check

Gift Check in Hong Kong Dollars is available up to HK$20,000 and there is no expiry date3. Purchase your Gift Checks by visiting your nearest Citibank® branch.

Manager's Check

Manager's Checks4 are Hong Kong Dollar Cashier's Checks issued by Citibank® with guaranteed payment by the bank.

Manager's Checks are available to Citibank® customers and are issued in Hong Kong Dollars only. If you require another currency, please consider a demand draft.

  • e-Statement Services


  • Please ensure there is sufficient balance in your Citibank saving or checking account, and note the corresponding daily transfer limit of your account
  • The autopay authorization set up process may take 2 - 6 weeks, varying from different bills you register. Please continue to settle your monthly statement in your usual manner until words "PAYMENT BY AUTOPAY" or statement similar in meaning are printed on such bills.
  • Please be careful not to misplace or lose Gift Checks as they cannot be refunded and payments cannot be stopped.
  • If you lose your Manager's Check, report it immediately to our branch staff. A Letter of Indemnity from the customer and the beneficiary of the Check is also required to file the loss. Payment of a Manager's Check cannot be stopped once the payee has received the check.