Set up/Reset the ATM PIN of your ATM or credit cards instantly 中文

Via desktop / laptop computer Via Citi Mobile® App
  • After logging on, click on "Services" > "My Profile"
  • Click "MANAGE ATM/DEBIT/CREDIT CARD" > "Create/ Reset ATM PIN"
  • Enter the One-Time Password (received from SMS or generated from Citi Mobile Token / Security Device)
  • Select the ATM or Credit Card which you would like to reset its ATM PIN.
    Enter your new ATM PIN
  • Click "RESET PIN" and you can now use this new ATM PIN
  • Tap > "Create/Reset ATM PIN" after logging in
  • Tap your ATM Card
  • Create a new 6-digit ATM PIN and tap "Continue"
  • You can now use this new ATM PIN

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