Transfer funds to overseas with Citi Mobile® App 中文

Add an overseas payee
(Get SWIFT code ready)
Transfer to a registered
overseas payee
  • Tap Payments > "Manage Payments/Payees" after logging in
  • Tap Add Payees*
  • Tap "Overseas Payees" > "Other Overseas Account"
  • Select destination, then input the SWIFT code
  • Enter transfer details:
  • Input payee's name, account number and address
  • Input all required information, then tap "Next"
  • Verify and confirm the details
  • Input Mobile Token Unlock Code for transaction signing
  • Your payee has been added
* You need to enable the Citi Mobile® Token in order to add payee. Click here to view demo
  • Tap Payments > "Transfers" after logging in
  • Select an account to be paid from
  • Tap "Pay to": Select any registered oversea bank accounts
  • Select "Currency" and input amount
  • Select "Debit Charges To". Input message per on-screen instruction
  • Verify and confirm the details to complete the transfer

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