Payment and Transfer

Making your payments and fund transfers easy.

Making your payments and money transfers easy

Discover the ways in which we make your payments and fund transfers happen smoothly, efficiently and securely.

Online Fund Transfers

To have full control of your finances, you need to be able to manage your accounts no matter where you are. With Citigold Online / Citibank Online, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of making transfers to Citibank or other banks' accounts, even across the world.

Transfer services available at Citigold Online/Citibank Online:

  • Maintain your personal payee list
  • Make transfers between your Citibank accounts
  • Transfer to another Citibank customer
  • Transfer to another local bank
  • Set up standing orders for recurring transfers
  • Transfer money abroad.

Please click here to view the daily transfer limit.

Online Bill Payments

Settling your bills is just a click away, no matter how many merchants you're dealing with! With Citibank Online, you can take care of monthly bills with no fuss and make your payments online in a simple, hassle-free manner.

Payment services available at Citibank Online:

  • Settle your bills for over 300 EPSCO merchants
  • Pay with your Citicard or Citibank Credit Card
  • Set up standing orders for recurring payment
  • Maintain your personal merchant payee list

For the updated merchant list, please click here.

Please click here to view the daily bill payment limit.

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  • e-Statement Services