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Open a Citigold Private Client and a Citi NextGen account to enjoy up to HK$65,300 rewards

Enjoy a Preferential HKD Time Deposit Rates

*The above time deposit rate is only applicable to 3 month HKD time deposit.


New Funds Amount (HK$) Cash Rebate(HK$)
≥ $10,000,000 HK$35,000
≥ $8,000,000 HK$30,000

“Professional Investor” Sign-up Offer

“Professional Investor” Sign-up Offer Cash Rebate(HK$)
Register to become a “Professional Investor” HK$5,000

For Citigold Private Client Professional Investor only: new clients are required to sign up as a Professional Investor (PI) by completing the PI Declaration Form with the Bank within the first 2 calendar months from account opening

Open a Citigold Private Client and a Citi NextGen account to enjoy up to HK$65,300 rewards

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Designated Product Balance (HK$) Cash Rebate (HK$)
≥ HK$5,000,000 HK$20,000
≥ HK$2,500,000 HK$12,000

Payroll offer

Monthly Salary Cash Rebate (HK$)
≥ HK$80,000 HK$800
≥ HK$50,000 HK$500
≥ HK$30,000 HK$300

Anniversary Award

Average Daily Combined Balance Cash Rebate (HK$)
≥ HK$8,000,000 HK$4,000

Open a Citi NextGen account for your child to get HK$500 Apple Store Gift Card

Citi Global Wealth Management provides you one stop solution with investment, mortgage and protection plan to build wealth with stability.

Trusted Advisory

Your dedicated Relationship Manager has been trained at Citi | Wharton Global Wealth Institute and is backed by a team of specialists (Investment, Insurance, Treasury, Mortgage) to provide you with insights, analysis and investment strategies.

Given a lower ratio of relationship managers to customers than that in the market, you will receive extra dedicated service. You can even schedule a video- conference session with your Relationship Manager and Investment Specialist for a remote portfolio review via Citi Live Chat. They will share market information with you via your screen-sharing function, helping to build your wealth portfolio without meeting in person.


Globality and the Next Generation

With our Global View of Accounts, you can access and manage your local and overseas Citibank accounts simply and securely with a single view.

Citi NextGen Account is tailored for teens aged 11-17 to get an early head-start on independent financial management, and you can supervise their progress easily through the Parental Protection function at Citi Mobile® App to set daily limits for your teens’ debit card purchases or withdrawals.

Advisory Tool

Exclusive to Citigold Private Client, Portfolio 360° Review is our unique wealth management tool. It not only examines how well your portfolio performs under different risk scenarios, but also identifies potential opportunities that fit your needs. Through a better understanding of your portfolio, your Portfolio Counselor provides you with constructive advice derived from our global and institutional research and insights.

The Total Wealth Advisor is our latest goal-based, financial advisory tool which provides a real-time picture of your financial situation and global investments, and analyses how your portfolio value changes over time and the likelihood of achieving your life goals.


Product Solution

We offer private-bank-level product solutions, private equity investment, hedge funds and high-yield bonds, and this combination gives you more private banking investment opportunities.

Also, Citigold Private Client has exclusive access to global investment insights written by the Chief Investment Officer from Citi Private Bank to keep you up to date with the latest market trends.

Stock/ FX Offer

Stock Transfer-in Offer

Successfully transfer in a designated amount# of HK/US/SH/SZ stocks to enjoy the below cash coupon rewards:

Total stock net value Cash coupon rewards amount
HK$5,000,000 or above HK$10,000
HK$3,000,000 - < HK$5,000,000 HK$3,000
HK$1,000,000 - < HK$3,000,000 HK$1,000
HK$500,000 - < HK$1,000,000 HK$500

Foreign Exchange Offer

Enjoy 0% spread for every successful FX transactions via Citi Mobile® App within the first 3 calendar months from account opening*

#Cash reward amount will be determined by the total stock transfer-in value net of the total stock transfer-out value ("Total Stock Net Value") during the promotion period. The stock value is based on the multiple of the closing stock price on the last trading day of the corresponding successful transfer-in month and number of shares.
*The exchange rate/pricing indicated in the Citi Mobile® App for any particular currency pair generally includes all-inclusive profit margin/ spread of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited (The “Bank”) for the Eligible Transactions. The spread will be charged upfront and subsequently rebated to customer's debit account within 3 months after the Eligible Offer Period. FX trading involves risks and rates may go up or down. Terms and Conditions apply.

Referral Program

Sharing can bring you happiness, along with exciting rewards. Successfully refer your friends and relatives to open designated accounts and earn fabulous cash rewards.

Citigold Private Client®
Up to HK$10,888 for
Cash Rebate for each referral
Cash Rebate for each referral

Mutual Fund 0% Subscription Fee Program

From now until March 31, 2024, clients with accounts newly opened since July 1, 2023 can enjoy 0% subscription fee for mutual funds transactions (Citigold total transaction amount capped at HK$ 1,500,000 and Citigold Private Clients total transaction amount capped at HK$3,000,000) made via branches in Hong Kong. Terms and conditions apply.

You should seek advice from your professional advisors as to your particular tax position, including but not limited to estate duty and withholding tax that might arise from investing in overseas products. This material is for information only and is not intended to constitute any offer or solicitation to buy or sell. Investments should not be treated as a substitute for time deposits. Investors should refer to the relevant investment products offering documents for detailed information prior to subscription. Investments are not bank deposits and involve risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. The value of your investment may fall and you may get back less than or none of what you initially invested. Investors investing in investment products denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal. Unit prices may go down as well as up. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Unless specified, these investments are not obligations of, guaranteed or insured by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited, Citibank N.A., Citigroup Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, or by any local government or insurance agency. Investment products are not eligible for U.S. persons and might only be applicable to limited jurisdiction. Potential investors should consider or seek independent advice if an investment is suitable for them in the light of their own financial position, investment objectives and risk profile.