Your Wealth Management Team

Meet Your Personal Wealth Advisors

Every aspect of your wealth is in the good hands of trained experts selected just for you.

A senior banker at Citibank who leads Citigold Private Client’s wealth management team


Leads your wealth management team

Enjoy life without worries thanks to counsel you can truly count on. Our Citigold Private Client senior bankers go through rigorous training across all areas of wealth management, so they are thoroughly equipped to spearhead your team in delivering world-class thought leadership insights, research and solutions.

A portfolio counselor at Citibank who develops and monitors Citigold Private Client’s portfolio


Develops and monitors your portfolio from all angles

We believe that your portfolio needs a constant, consistent and accomplished professional watching over it. Managing your portfolio from a 360° viewpoint, your seasoned Portfolio Counselor delivers unique insights, and timely analyses and reports to ensure your portfolio stays aligned with your goals.


Your Investment Specialist

Partners with your Banker to draw up strategic wealth plans and investments that help meet your life goals.

Your Insurance Specialist

Understanding your needs, your Insurance Specialist works with you to develop a plan that protects what matters to you.

Your Treasury Specialist

Closely monitoring the currency market, your Treasury Specialist alerts you to timely opportunities and recommends solutions that complement your investment strategy.

Your Mortgage Specialist

When it comes to purchasing properties locally or globally, your Mortgage Specialist helps you secure favorable financing.

Your Banker Associate

A partner to your Banker, your Banker Associate is your go-to person for unparalleled service and unwavering support.