Regular reviews help fine tune your strategy to achieve your goals.

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Invest with Citibank to enjoy the below privileges:

  • Choose from an array of investment options that cater to a wide range of risk and return profiles
  • Receive investment ideas that align with your life goals

Investment Highlights

Citibank offers a wide range of investment products that can help you achieve your financial goals. From Bonds and Certificates of Deposit to Foreign Exchange services and more, we are here to assist you in your wealth journey and cater to your investment needs.

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Stock Trading Services

  • One stock account to trade HK and US stocks

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Mutual Funds

  • Capture opportunities with a wide variety of high quality funds

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Premium Account

  • Opportunity to earn attractive interest returns and potential growth from FX investments by investing in FX/Foreign Exchange market

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Bonds Brokerage Investment Services

  • A wide selection of quality bonds to suit your investment needs

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Certificates of Deposit

  • Allow you to enjoy higher yield than normal Time Deposits

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Foreign Exchange Services

  • Diversify your investment portfolio risk with FX services

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Portfolio Finance

  • Provides you with extra capital for general use and seize every investment opportunity.

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Paper Gold

  • Diversify your investment portfolio to hedge against inflation

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Investment Risk Profiling

  • Understand your investment risk appetite
  • Citibank’s comprehensive market insight
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