Foreign Exchange (FX/Forex) Services

Diversify your risk with Foreign Exchange (FX/Forex) services.

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Citibank Foreign Exchange (FX/Forex) Services helps diversify your portfolio risk while also being able to capture any upside opportunities from its unique advantages such as high liquidity and profit potential from foreign exchange rising and falling prices.

Please note that Foreign Exchange (FX/Forex) trading is subject to currency rate fluctuations, which may present both opportunities and risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.

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Foreign Exchange(FX/Forex) Trading Services

  • Help diversify portfolio risk
  • Offer up to 12 currencies

Price chart for foreign currencies

FX Order Watching Service

  • 24 hour buy / sell of your designated currency
  • Easy online set up steps in mobile

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Foreign Currency Withdrawal Services

  • Foreign Currency ATMs – the all-day withdrawal service
  • Order online and pick up at your preferred branch

Wealth creation

Foreign Exchange(FX/Forex) Margin Trading

  • Leverage up to 15 times of your deposits
  • Offer up to 8 currencies

Currencies Symbols

Foreign Currency Leveraged Investment

  • Leverage up to 5 times the amount of your deposit
  • Offer up to 10 deposit currencies


  • Continuous changes in exchange rates
  • Absence of central regulator
  • Can amplify losses if the currency invested in is of higher value

With Foreign Currency ATMs available at all major locations and the option to place an order online and picking up at a preferred branch, it is very convenient for Citibank customers to get foreign currency.

In simple terms, If certain economic events make a currency more attractive, the demand for the currency increases against a limited, thus increasing the price of the currency.

Similarly, when another currency becomes less attractive, owners of that currency may want to sell their possession of that currency. If there is a shortage of buyers, the price will fall.

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