Foreign Currency Cash Withdrawal Services

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From travelling overseas to studying abroad and other FX needs, you can always buy, sell or exchange foreign currencies via online and mobile FX trading platforms. Getting foreign currency is equally convenient - either withdraw directly from our Foreign Currency ATMs with your Local Citibank ATM card / Debit card^ or by placing your order online and selecting your preferred branch for pickup.

You can even enjoy a preferential exchange rate by conducting FX transactions via Citi Mobile® App!

Foreign Currency ATMs

Foreign Currency ATMs

  • Withdrawal service covering 4 major currencies: AUD, EUR, JPY and USD
  • Withdraw exchanged currencies directly from your foreign currency accounts
  • Allow instant foreign currency exchange and withdrawal
  • For Foreign Currency ATM locations, please click here
Order Foreign Currency Online

Order Foreign Currency Online

  • A suite of foreign currencies to order: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, SGD and USD
  • Complete the simple online form and select your preferred pickup date and branch

Citi Mobile® App offers 24/7 foreign exchange services, plus a more favorable rate when you exchange with Citi Mobile® App! Check out how to exchange foreign currencies in a fingertip:

FX Mobile Trading Platform User Guide

  • How do I withdraw foreign currencies from the Foreign Currency ATM?
    Insert your ATM card and input your PIN, then select "CASH", and you can choose the foreign currency you want to withdraw.
  • What is the maximum foreign currency withdrawal limit by the Foreign Currency ATM?
    The foreign currency withdrawal is the same as your daily Hong Kong Dollar withdrawal limit, i.e.:
    Citigold Private Client / Citigold Citi Priority / Citibanking
    HK$80,000 or equivalent HK$80,000 or equivalent
  • What banknote denominations does the Foreign Currency ATM provide?
    50 50 10,000 50
  • When I use the Foreign Currency ATM, can I withdraw foreign currency directly from my checking/savings accounts or Currency Manager account without doing foreign a exchange in advance?
    Yes. You can withdraw foreign currency cash directly from all of your checking, statement savings accounts and Currency Manager with your local Citibank ATM/Debit Card. If the foreign currency is not exchanged prior to the withdrawal, a real-time exchange rate will occur and related fees might be charged during the exchange from debit account currency to the withdrawal currency at prevailing exchange rate.
  • Can I withdraw HKD and/or RMB from the Foreign Currency ATM?
    No. Foreign Currency ATMs dispense AUD, EUR, JPY and USD only. To withdraw HKD or RMB, please use the ordinary Citi ATMs nearby.
  • Can I deposit foreign currency banknotes in a Foreign Currency ATM?
    No. Foreign Currency ATMs allow the withdrawal of AUD, EUR, JPY and USD only. Please consult branch staff for foreign currency deposit.
  • Are the Foreign Currency ATMs under the JETCO network's coverage?
    No. The Foreign Currency ATMs do NOT support any ATM function of the JETCO network card. they only support local Citibank ATM/Debit Card.
  • What other services do the Foreign Currency ATMS provide?
    The Foreign Currency ATMs offer the following services:
    • AUD, EUR, JPY & USD Cash Withdrawal^
    • HKD Cash Deposit^
    • HKD and USD Check Deposit
    • Balance Enquiry, Fund transfer and Bill Payment

    ^Not applicable to certain ATM model

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