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Note: If the permanent residential address is different from the residential address below, please provide the permanent residential address proof.
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 Paper Statement
A paper statement fee will be effective from February 1, 2016 . From February to June 2016 and thereafter within 6-month periods (Jul to Dec /Jan to Jun every year), if clients receive banking consolidated paper statements and/or credit card paper statements in each period, a fee of HK$20 will be applied for each type of paper statement and will be directly debited from the relevant banking and/or credit card accounts. The fee is applicable to clients who hold Citigold Private Client, Citigold, Citi Priority, Citibanking or Credit Cards (excluding Diners Club cards and company clients). Exemptions apply to clients aged below 18 or 65 and above, clients with low income or those receiving social welfare benefits/government subsidies or clients with disabilities.
I/We choose to enroll for e-Statement Service and not to receive paper statement for my/our accounts which I/we may operate independently as an authorized signatory. I/We understand e-Statement Service is not applicable to joint accounts requiring joint signatures.

I/We acknowledge that e-Statement Service will be applicable to my/our banking and credit card account(s) now and open in the future with Citibank and/or Diners Club International (Hong Kong) Limited.
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Citibank may not accept the application of my chosen card in view of applicant's individual circumstances. I would accept Citibank Rewards VISA/Citibank Rewards VISA/Citibank Rewards Titanium MasterCard/Citibank Rewards Titanium MasterCard/Citibank Rewards Titanium MasterCard/Octopus Citibank Gold Card and the relevant Terms and Conditions, when my Citi Prestige Card/Citibank PremierMiles Card/Citibank Cash Back American Express® Card/Citibank Rewards VISA/Citibank Rewards UnionPay Card/Octopus Citibank Platinum Card application is not approved. By checking the checkbox here, I confirm that I would accept this arrangement. Citibank will make the arrangement for me.
I have no relationship with any Directors or Employees of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited at present. I shall notify Citibank promptly in writing when there is any change to such declaration*.
* If you are a relative/spouse of a Director or Employee of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited, please fill in the Contact Me form. We will contact you to follow up your credit card application.

By clicking the "I Accept" button, I confirm that I have read, understood and agreed to the Customer Declaration, Policy Statement relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Privacy Statement"), Major Terms and Conditions of Credit Card Cardholder / Diners Club Cardmember Agreement, Citibank Credit Card/Diners Club Card Key Facts Statement and Fees Schedule, Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions (if applicable), Citibank Credit Card Agreement, Citibank UnionPay Credit Card Agreement, Octopus Citibank Credit Card Agreement, Terms and Conditions for Octopus Rewards Programme/ Octopus Automatic Add Value Agreement/ Conditions of Issue of Octopus and Notice of Amendments.

I do not intend to use the credit card applied in this application for business purpose or business related transactions.

I understand that the data requested is necessary for Citibank to process my application and if I fail to provide the same to Citibank, Citibank may not be able to issue any card to me. I authorise Citibank to verify it from and / or exchange it with any source. I understand that my data may be disclosed to, processed or kept by Citibank's service providers or other classes of persons as set out in the Privacy Statement in any country. For Octopus Citibank Platinum Card/Octopus Citibank Gold Card: By applying for Octopus Citibank Platinum Card / Octopus Citibank Gold Card, I acknowledge that my name, gender, date of birth, HKID Card no. / passport no, home no., mobile no., office no., mailing address and email address will be submitted to Octopus Cards Limited and Octopus Rewards Limited for the purpose of setting up Octopus Automatic Add Value Service and enrolling for the membership of the Octopus Rewards Programme. For Citibank I.T Platinum Card / Citibank I.T Classic Card: I hereby authorize to disclose any of my data or information to i.t apparels Limited for direct marketing purpose. I also understand that I have the right to request access to and to request correction of data by contacting The Data Protection Officer(s) at such address(es) as specified in the Privacy Statement.

I warrant that (i) I am not bankrupt; (ii) no petition for bankruptcy is presented against me; and (iii) I am not insolvent. I understand that Citibank will review my credit report from the Credit Reference Agency in assessing the application.
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By clicking the "I Accept" button I am also consenting to submit my credit card application, to being contacted by a Citibank staff and to provide other personal information and to complete my application over the phone when he/she contacts me.
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To complete your application, please submit your supporting documents by fax at (852) 3009 0768. Please write your name and HKID number on all copies of the documents.
Documents required:
  • Copy of your HKID with your signature on the blank area
  • Proof of your residential address
  • Proof of your income and employment information
If you are not a Permanent Hong Kong Resident, please also provide proof of:
  • Employment contract/ employment letter showing employment period AND
  • Copies of HKID and passport showing the name, passport number and nationality of the applicant.