Major Terms and Conditions of Citibank Credit Card Cardholder/Cardmember Agreement
  Cardholder/Cardmember agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions as set out in the relevant Citibank Credit Card / Citibank Private Label Card / Diners Club Card Agreement / the Conditions of Issue of Octopus Automatic Add Value Agreement issued by Octopus Cards Limited ("OCL") / the Terms and Conditions for Octopus Rewards Programme issued by Octopus Rewards Limited ("ORL"), whichever is applicable (each an "Agreement", as amended from time to time). Cardholder's/Cardmember's attention is drawn, in particular, to the Terms and Conditions listed below, which Terms and Conditions are more fully detailed in the relevant Agreement.
1. Cardholder/Cardmember shall sign on the Citibank Credit Card as soon as it is received.
2. Cardholder/Cardmember agrees to keep any personal identification number ("PIN") confidential and to inform Citibank if the PIN is known to any other person. Cardholder/ Cardmember will indemnify Citibank against any losses or liabilities resulting from the PIN being known to any other person.
3. Cardholder/Cardmember is responsible for repaying any outstanding balance on time and is liable for penalty charges if the required minimum payment is not made.
4. In case of default, Cardholder/Cardmember is liable to pay the costs and expenses reasonably incurred by Citibank in recovering the debt.
5. If the Cardholder/Cardmember acts fraudulently or with gross negligence, he/she shall be responsible for all losses incurred by Citibank.
6. The maximum liability for unauthorised transactions before a Card loss is reported shall be HK$500/CNY500, excluding transactions resulting from
(i) use of the Card in automated teller machines,
(ii) for Octopus Citibank Credit Card, use of the Octopus function on the Octopus Citibank Credit Card.
7. A statement of account shall be conclusive if the Cardholder/Cardmember fails to report an unauthorised transaction within 60 days from the statement date.
8. Citibank has the right to set off any credit balance maintained by the Cardholder/Cardmember with Citibank.
9. Principal Cardholders/Cardmembers shall be responsible for debts of both the Principal and Supplementary Cards. A Supplementary Cardholder/Cardmember shall only be responsible for debts incurred in using his/her own Supplementary Card.
10. Citibank reserves the right to demand immediate repayment.
11. The Cardholder/Cardmember has the right to terminate the Agreement if he / she does not accept any amendment to the Agreement proposed by Citibank.
12. Octopus Citibank Credit Card may be used as an Octopus. Use of the Octopus function on the Card shall be subject to the Conditions of Issue of Octopus and/or other Terms and Conditions laid down by Octopus Cards Limited ("OCL") and/or its affiliates (including Octopus Rewards Limited ("ORL")) from time to time. Each Card is pre-linked to AAVS and such linkage cannot be cancelled (unless terminated together with the Card), or be altered to link with another credit card account. Use of the AAVS function on the Card shall be subject to the Octopus Automatic Add Value Agreement. Upon approval of this application by Citibank, the Cardholder shall also be automatically registered as a member of the Octopus Rewards Programme operated by ORL.
13. The Citibank Rewards UnionPay Card consists of both a Hong Kong Dollar account and a Renminbi account. The values of all transactions (including cash advance and all related fees and charges) denominated in CNY will be debited to the Renminbi Account. The values of all other transactions (including cash advance and all related fees and charges) will be debited to the Hong Kong Dollar Account. The Cardholder shall settle payment to each of the accounts separately using funds in the currency in which the relevant account is denominated. Citibank will not convert and/or transfer any credit balance or overpayment from the Hong Kong Dollar Account to the Renminbi Account or vice versa to settle the outstanding balance of the other account. The Cardholder shall make payment directly to the relevant account in order to settle the outstanding balance.