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From now till October 2, 2024, refer your friends to apply and activate for designated Citi Credit Cards* online successfully to receive cash rebate with no cap. Successfully refer 3 friends to get bonus reward and earn HK$3,000 Cash Rebate+. To earn more, simply refer more!

Your friends who get referred are also entitled to amazing welcome rewards upon meeting designated reward conditions^!

+ HK$3,000 cash rebate applicable when the referrer successfully refers 3 friends.
* Referees must get successful approval on or before November 2, 2024. A Referee who currently holds, has cancelled or has held any principal card of Citi Credit Card issued by Citibank within the past 12 months from the month of application for the Designated Card will not be counted as successful referral, both Referee and Referrer will not be eligible for the corresponding Referee’s and Referrer’s reward.
^ Applicants of Citi Prestige Card must pay the first year annual fee of HK$3,800 to get 360,000 points.
Example of Rewards
Sample 1: If customer has 1 successful referral, this referrer will be entitled to earn HK$600 cash rebate.
Sample 2: If customer has 2 successful referrals, this referrer will be entitled to earn HK$600+HK$900, equal to HK$1,500 cash rebate.
Sample 3: If customer has 3 successful referrals, this referrer will be entitled to earn HK$1,500+HK$1,500, equal to HK$3,000 cash rebate.
Sample 4: If customer has 4 successful referrals, this referrer will be entitled to earn HK$3,000+HK$600, equal to HK$3,600 cash rebate.
~ Successful application via the unique referral link and fulfilling the reward conditions.
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