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What is Citi Plus?
Citi Plus is a new kind of mobile banking experience that helps you save more, invest smarter, shop to your heart’s content and earn rewards by doing the things you love.
Is there a minimum balance I need to maintain in my Citi Plus account?
Nope! There are no minimum balance requirements, which means you have more flexibility to bank your way.
Account Opening- Eligibility
Who is eligible to open a Citi Plus account?
You can open a Citi Plus account if you: • Have a Hong Kong permanent Identity Card • Reside in Hong Kong and have a permanent Hong Kong address • Are between 18 and 64 years old
Can I open a joint Citi Plus account?
Sorry, joint Citi Plus accounts are not available at this time. Citi Plus currently provides personal banking services. If you are holding any joint account in Citibank, you will not be able to access those service(s) after opening a Citi Plus account.
Account Opening – Process
What do I need to prepare to open a Citi Plus account?
Your HKID for identity verification, Address proof & a piece of white paper for your signature.
How long does it take to open an account?
The account opening process will take a minimum of 10 minutes to complete, based on our usability test.
What are the required procedures to open a Citi Plus account?
You simply need to fill in the application form, take a “selfie” and upload documents. Please ensure that the information you fill in is correct, as you will not be able to return to previous tabs.
What accounts can I open through this account-opening procedure?
During this application, you can open a Citi Interest Booster account and a Currency Manager account. If you would like to enjoy investment services, simply go to the ‘Wealth’ tab to open an investment account in just a few steps.
Do I need to upload any document?
Yes, you need to upload address proof and signature specimen during the application process via Citi Mobile® App. If we need additional information or documentation from you, we will contact you and complete the account opening process.
Why do I need to upload my address proof?
Address proof is required to open an investment account. You will be asked to provide address proof during this application in order to shorten the processing time when you open an investment account at a later date. At that time, you can simply go to the ‘Wealth’ tab to open an investment account in a few steps.
What do I have to be aware of when filling in my Hong Kong residential address during application?
The Hong Kong residential address you fill in should be the same as the address proof you submit later.
It says I need to input my Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) during the application, what exactly is TIN?
When filling in the TIN, please input your Hong Kong Identity Card Number (including the digit in brackets but without the brackets themselves) if you are a resident of Hong Kong.
Why do I need to take photo of my HKID card from multiple angles?
This will help us validate your HKID card, so that you do not need to visit our branch in person for identity verification. Please ensure the HKID capture is not out of focus, nor blocked by glare or shadow.
Is my application information secure and protected?
All information, including your HKID photos, selfie photos, personal information, username and password, will be encrypted throughout the submission.
How will I know my application status? When will the banking account be ready for use?
Your banking account will be ready to use approximately 10 minutes after you complete the application process in Citi Mobile® App. We will notify you of the account-opening status via email and SMS approximately 10 minutes after you submit the application in Citi Mobile® App. After that, log-in to the app to enjoy your new banking account!
Why have I failed the Identity verification and need to visit branch to complete the account opening?
Factors including the environment where you take the HKID photos and selfie, e.g. if there is glare, scratches on or damage to your HKID, etc, may affect the accuracy of identifying your selfie against the HKID photo. Tips for photographing your HKID: 1. Hold the edge of the HKID and place it in the white frame 2. Avoid glare and reflections until frame turns green 3. For the second photo, please ensure your phone's flashlight reflection is within the red frame in the middle. The outer white frame will turn green, and the capture is complete
What do I have to be aware of when taking a “selfie” for facial recognition?
When taking the photo, you need to: 1. Look straight into the camera 2. Remove all the accessories (e.g. hat, sunglasses, mask) 3. Position your face within the circle 4. Eyes must be at the same level as the camera 5. Blink your eyes once to start the countdown 6. Wait for the countdown, and blink again for the selfie, and you are done 7. Ensure adequate lighting with no shadows or glare 8. Use a plain and clean background
How can I resume my application?
If you do not hold any Citi Credit Card and have already filled in the online application form for Citi Plus, you will receive an email and SMS with your application ID, and you can simply follow the steps below to resume your application: i. Open Citi Mobile® App ii. Click on 'Open a bank account' iii.Enter your application ID which has been sent to your mobile number or email address If you already hold a Citi Credit Card, simply log in to the Citi Mobile App and you will find a banner at the bottom of your main account dashboard. Tap “Apply now” > “Continue Application” to resume your application.
Existing Customer
If I already have Citibank banking accounts, can I convert to Citi Plus?
If you are an existing Citi Priority or Citibanking client, you can submit your registration to convert to Citi Plus. If you are an existing Citigold Private Client or Citigold client, we suggest that you contact your Relationship Manager to review the differences between your current banking type and Citi Plus before deciding whether to convert.
Can I keep my current banking type and then open a new Citi Plus account?
Each banking client can select one banking type only, therefore you will no longer be under your existing banking type once you convert to Citi Plus.
How can I transfer money to my Citi Plus account?
Simply use the “Move Money to Citi” function in the app to transfer money into your account: 1. On the “Payments” tab, tap “Move Money to Citi” 2. Tap “Add other bank’s account” 3. Select the bank and enter the details 4. Enter your Citi Mobile Token Unlock Code for authentication 5. Complete the one-time registration 6. Select the registered bank account 7. Enter the amount to transfer 8. Confirm the details and submit the transfer instructions
How can I pay a friend?
You can pay a friend via FPS by following the steps below: 1. On the “Payments” tab, tap “FPS” 2. Select the account and enter payment amount 3. Enter your friend’s information (mobile number, email address or FPS identifier) 4. Verify the details and tap “Pay” 5. Enter Citi Mobile Token Unlock Code for authentication to complete the transfer
Is there any service charge for overseas transfers?
There is no charge as we have waived the service fee for overseas transfers via telegraphic transfer or Citibank Global Transfer. However, please be aware that charges may be imposed by the other bank/s involved in the transfer. For details, please refer to Citibank Fees & Charges.
Citi Interest Booster
What is Citi Interest Booster?
Citi Interest Booster is an interest-bearing HKD checking account. You can boost the interest rate on your savings by completing simple missions such as spending with your Citi Plus Credit Card.
How can I boost my interest rate?
You can earn bonus interest rate by completing simple missions. Each mission carries a different requirement and a different bonus interest rate. You can check the requirements and bonus interest rate for each mission via the Citi Mobile App (Deposits > Citi Interest Booster > Boost)
What missions can I complete to boost my interest rate?
Missions are fun and easy. They include day-to-day banking essentials such as “Maintain Balance”, “Fund in”, “Spend” and “Invest, FX & Get Insured”. Check them out in the app!
How can I earn up to 2.67% p.a. interest rate with the Citi Interest Booster?
You start with a base interest rate and earn bonus interest rates by completing different missions. Each mission carries different requirements and a different bonus interest rate. When you fulfill the requirements of all the missions and combine the bonus interest rates with your base interest rate, you’ll earn a total interest rate of up to 2.67% p.a. Interest rates are subject to fluctuation. You can check the requirements and bonus interest rate for each mission via the Citi Mobile App (Deposits > Citi Interest Booster > Boost).
My account balance this month will enjoy the bonus interest rates earned this month, am I right?
No, all bonus interest rates earned in the current month will apply to your account balance in the next calendar month.
Can I earn up to 2.67% p.a. on my entire deposit?
You can earn up to 2.67% p.a. on the first HK$300,000 balance in your Citi Interest Booster account. On deposits beyond HK$300,000, you’ll earn interest at the prevailing board rate. Please check on our website (“Rates & Fees” > “Interest & Foreign Exchange (FX) Rates of The Day”) for the latest board rate.
When will I receive the interest earned?
You will receive the Base Interest on the last working day of this calendar month, and Bonus Interest on the first working day of next calendar month.
For example, Base Interest for March’s balance will be credited on 31 March, 2022, and Bonus Interest will be credited by 11:59pm on 1 April, 2022, assuming 31 March, 2022 and 1 April, 2022 are working days.
However, if April 30, 2022 and May 1, 2022 are both Weekends or public holidays, Base Interest for April's balance will be credited on the last working day of that calendar month, which is April 29, 2022, and Bonus Interest will be credited by 11:59pm on 2 May, 2022.
What are the eligible Citi Credit Cards?
Citi Classic Card, Citi Gold Card, Citi Rewards Visa, Citibank Ultima Card, Citibank Ultima Gold Card, Citi Rewards Card, Citi Clear Card, Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Rewards VISA, Citi Octopus Gold Card, Citi Octopus Platinum Card, Citi Cash Back Card, Citi Prestige Card, Citi HKTVmall Card, Citi Plus® Credit Card and Citi The Club Credit Card.
Citi Plus Debit Mastercard®
How can I apply for the Citi Plus Debit Mastercard®?
The good news is, you don’t have to apply separately. A physical Citi Plus Debit Mastercard will be issued to you upon successful account opening. You’ll receive your Citi Plus Debit Mastercard in about 5 business days. You can then use it for cash withdrawal at ATMs or to make purchases.
How can I get a limited edition of Citi Plus Debit Mastercard ?
You have to successfully complete the account opening process of Citi Plus via the Citi Mobile App between February 22 to March 13, 2021 and receive the confirmation that you has a bank account with the Bank.
How can I activate my Citi Plus Debit Mastercard®?
Just log in to the Citi Mobile App. Tap the “Profile & Settings” icon in top-left corner. Select “Activate Debit Card” and follow the instructions to complete the card activation.
How can I get an ATM PIN for my debit card?
To setup your ATM PIN, log into the Citi Mobile App. Tap the “Profile & Settings” icon in top-left corner. Select “Create / Reset ATM PIN” and follow the instructions to set up your ATM PIN.
Is there any deadline for activating the debit card and setting up ATM PIN?
Please activate your debit card and set up ATM PIN at your earliest convenience. The debit card will be cancelled if you do not activate it within 90 calendar days.
What are the criteria to be eligible for that 1% cash back?
The 1% local spending rewards for the first 6 month of card issuance (and up to 0.5% thereafter) have unlimited amounts of rebate, and are applicable for all eligible transaction spending settled in HKD. The more you shop, the more rewards you get!
What kind of spending counts as a “Spend” mission for the Citi Interest Booster?
Spending with your any eligible Citi Credit Card(s) or Citibank Debit Card counts! It doesn’t matter if you spend with physical cards or e-Wallets, in person or online – it all counts, as long as the transactions made are eligible retail purchases. Login to Citi Mobile App to find out more.
Citibank Global Wallet
What is the Citibank Global Wallet?
When you activate the Citibank Global Wallet and have sufficient foreign currencies in your account, you can directly use the foreign currencies in your account when you spend overseas or make cash withdrawals at overseas ATMs with your debit card at $0 handling fee charged by Citi. To see how it works and for handling fee information, visit
Can I use the Citibank Global Wallet right away with my debit card?
You must activate the Citibank Global Wallet in the Citi Mobile App. After logging in, simply tap the "Profile & Settings" icon in top-left corner, select "Citibank Global Wallet" and toggle it on in order to activate.
How many currencies does Citibank Global Wallet support?
Citibank Global Wallet supports the following 12 currencies: EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, USD, CAD, CHF, JPY, SGD, THB, RMB and HKD. When shopping on international websites, spending overseas and/or making overseas withdrawals, all transactions will be debited directly from your corresponding foreign currency account.
What happens if I transact in or withdraw a foreign currency that Citibank Global Wallet doesn’t support?
Your default Hong Kong Dollar account will be debited. Handling fee and/or conversion spread, as stipulated in the service fee booklet from time to time, shall apply.
Which ATM should I use to withdraw cash overseas?
You may withdraw cash at any overseas Citibank or overseas Mastercard network ATM. Mastercard network includes Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro.
Is it really free for overseas spending transactions or ATM cash withdrawals made through Citibank Global Wallet?
Citi does not charge any handling fee for overseas spending transactions or ATM cash withdrawals made through Citibank Global Wallet. However, some overseas ATM operators may levy a surcharge in which your relevant Call Deposit will be debited to settle the surcharge.
Are overseas spending transactions made through Citibank Global Wallet eligible for the existing Debit Card Cash Rebate Program as stipulated on the bank’s website?
Although the transactions might not be eligible for the existing Debit Card Cash Rebate Program, we may launch promotional offers from time to time to help you get the most out of Citibank Global Wallet. Stay tuned for our update!
Can I use Citibank Global Wallet when paying with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay?
Of course! Just add your debit card to your Apple or Samsung devices and make foreign currency transactions. You can then pay directly from your foreign currency accounts. Remember to turn on the online purchase function via Citi Mobile® App if you want to make online or in-app transactions.
Citi Plus Credit Card
How do I apply for the Citi Plus Credit Card?
Citi Plus Credit Card is exclusively for Citi Plus clients. After you open a Citi Plus account, even if you currently hold other Citi credit cards, simply visit to apply for the Citi Plus Credit Card as well.

If you do not have any Citi Credit Card, remember to choose “Proceed with a Credit Card” when applying for a Citi Plus account via the online application form, so that you can apply for a Citi Plus credit card and bank account in one go!
When will I receive my Citi Plus Credit Card?
Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive your Citi Plus Credit Card in about 5 business days.
What are the privileges of the Citi Plus Credit Card?
The privileges of the Citi Plus Credit Card including: • Earn 3X points on online and fitness membership transactions. Points never expire. • No annual fee • Get free purchase protection insurance • Earn bonus interest rate on your Citi Interest Booster by spending a designated amount with your Citi Plus Credit Card (check requirements of “Spend” mission of Citi Interest Booster in the Citi Mobile App)
Where can I find details about the rewards points I earn with my Citi Plus Credit Card?
Where can I find details about the free Purchase Protection Insurance with my Citi Plus Credit Card?
What kind of spending counts as a “Spend” mission for the Citi Interest Booster?
Spending with your any eligible Citi Credit Card(s) or Citibank Debit Card counts! It doesn’t matter if you spend with physical cards or e-Wallets, in person or online – it all counts, as long as the transactions made are eligible retail purchases. Login to Citi Mobile App to find out more.
What is free purchase protection insurance, and does it cover my online purchases?
Purchases of any physical goods anywhere in the world (ie. retail or online shopping) with your Citi Plus Credit Card will automatically be insured against damage, loss or theft. Click here for the Purchase Protection Insurance fact sheet.
What type of stock services can I enjoy?
You can access the Hong Kong Stock and China Connect – Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Services on the Citi Mobile App. For US Stock Services, we’re working hard to bring it to you on the Citi Mobile App soon. Please stay tuned.
Can I place a mutual fund order via the Citi Mobile® App anytime?
Yes! You can place orders 24/7. Your orders will be submitted to the respective fund houses for processing. Please note that fund houses do not process orders on public holidays/non-dealing days of the fund.
How much is the subscription fee for mutual funds if I subscribe it via the Citi Mobile App?
The subscription fee for one-time and monthly investments is 1.5% of the subscription amount.
What will the fund choices be in the Citi Plus platform?
Citi provides comprehensive product solutions by offering suggested fund portfolios based on yours financial goals and risk profiles, as well as adequate fund choices across different asset classes in our mutual funds DIY platform.
What is Flexi Wealth?
“Flexi Wealth” lets you invest easily in money market funds on the Citi Mobile App. Best of all, you can get started with as little as HK$1/US$1.

In addition, you can cash out anytime and get your money in a few days - for some funds you can even get your money back on the same day. Redemption settlement of some particular Money Market Funds offers a same-day maximum redemption cap of HK$10,000: if the redemption amount exceeds the cap, the remaining redemption amount will be credited to your bank account on the next business day.
What mutual fund transactions can I perform with the Citi Mobile App?
With the Citi Mobile® App, it's easy to subscribe to or redeem Mutual Funds. You can even set up a FundSelect Savings Plan. The FundSelect Savings Plan is a monthly investment plan that lets you invest a pre-set amount in your portfolio. Your investment holdings will be accumulated in your Regular Savings Plan (RSP) account.
What is the minimum mutual fund subscription amount in Citi Mobile App?
The minimum subscription amount is HK$100 for the recommended portfolio (for one-time subscription and FundSelect Savings Plan). If you've modified your recommended portfolio, the funds you've chosen may incur a higher minimum subscription amount.
What type of insurance products can I purchase through Citi Mobile® App?
Depending on your needs, you can purchase Zurich FlyAway Travel Insurance Plan via Citi Mobile® App.
How do I get more information on other insurance solutions?
We offer a full range of insurance products, ranging from Life Protection to Investment Planning. Looking for some insurance advice? Click on "Messaging" in "Help & Support" to chat with our Insurance Specialist or leave us a message through "Speak with us". You can also visit your nearest Citibank branch for more information.
Need assistance during your mobile application journey?
You can click on "Speak with us" and input your relevant information. We will get back to you via your preferred contact method.
How do I view my insurance plan once I have purchased it?
You may view your insurance plan purchased through our bank in the Insurance section of Home Dashboard after you login to the Citi Mobile® App
Useful Information
What are your fees and charges?
Please click here to check our fees and charges.
I’ve lost my debit card/credit card. What should I do?
Don't worry. If you can't find your cards, you can contact us via “Messaging” in the app (tap Help > Messaging). Our customer service officer will disable your existing cards and will issue new cards. You can also contact us via our hotline at 2860 0333 to report your lost card.
Where can I find Cardholders guide - Fee schedule / Important hints / Payment options?
Please click here for details.
How can I update my account information after the account is successfully opened?
If you wish to update your email address, home/office phone number and correspondence address, please log in to Citibank Online to do so. If you wish to update other personal information, please download the “Change of Contact Details” form at and submit according to the instruction in the form; OR visit any of our branches for help.