Autopay (eDDA)

With your Citi bank banking accounts, you can:

  • Set up and manage autopay instructions just at your fingertip. Paper form? No more!
  • Make payments to a wide range of merchants and government agencies. Never miss a bill again!
  • Modify or cancel your autopay instructions anytime.
  • Tap "Payments" > "Autopay" after logging in
  • Enter your Citi Mobile® Token Unlock Code*
  • Tap "New Autopay" > "Account number"
  • Input autopay details:
    • Payee's name
    • Tap "Bank" to search payee's bank
    • Payee's branch code and account number
    • Debtor's reference
  • Verify details and tap "Confirm"
    (Reminder: You can amend the default setting by tapping respective items)
  • Your autopay instruction is submitted

*Remember to enable your Citi Mobile® Token first because you need it to submit an autopay instruction! Click here to view the demo.

Useful Tips

To set up an autopay to pay government or public utility bills, you have to input payee's account information. Here's the payment information of some popular payees for your reference.

Recipient Payee Name Bank
(Input number to search)
Branch Code/
Account no.
Debtor's reference
Public Utility
The Hong Kong Electric Company Limited The Hong Kong Electric Co. Ltd. 004 002/
Account no. of the supply address shown on the electricity bill
CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd CLP Power Hong Kong Limited 004 002/
Electricity Account No. shown on your electricity bill
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited 004 002/
Gas Account No.
HKSAR(Water & Sewage Charges) The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 004 002/
11-digit Account Number as shown on the water bill
HKSAR(Rates/ Government Rent) Director of Accounting Services 004 002/
15-digit Account Number as shown on the demand note for rates and/or Government rent
HKSAR(Government Rent) The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 004 002/
Government Rent reference
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited 004 808/
Telephone A/C No.
CSL Mobile Limited CSL Limited 004 808/
Mobile Phone No.
Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Ltd Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited 004 511/
Account No.
SmarTone Mobile Communications Ltd SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited 004 500/
SmarTone A/C No.

Security measures

To provide you comprehensive security protection when you set up an autopay with your Citi bank account, we've adopted a robust authentication process. Your autopay will only be effective when it's successfully authenticated by you.

  • Set up autopay via Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online: When you submit an autopay instruction, you'll need to enter your Citi Mobile® Token unlock code to perform transaction signing. Simply set up your Citi Mobile® Token in advance, and we'll guide you through when you submit the autopay.
  • Set up an autopay via an e-wallet or another bank's platform: Once we receive the set-up request from the external party, we'll send you an SMS and ask you to confirm the autopay instruction via Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online. You will have 1 day to confirm it, so act fast!

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