Moving money to your Citi accounts is just a click away with Citi Mobile® App!

Do you find it time-consuming and troublesome when you have to shuffle between several different banks just to move your funds to Citi? And, if a large amount is involved, do you have to split it into small transfers due to daily transfer limits?

Now, by registering the bank accounts you hold at other local banks just once with Citi Mobile® App, you can transfer funds to your Citi accounts instantly anytime using only the app. You can even manage big transactions in one go!

Easy and Convenient

Just a few taps right within Citi Mobile® App


Move money to your Citi accounts within seconds

One App that Fits All

No longer need to switch between different banks' mobile apps to move your funds

  • Logon to Citi Mobile® App, tap "Payments" , and tap "Move Money to Citi"
  • Tap "Add other bank's account"
  • Select the bank and input the account number, including branch code
  • Review and confirm the details
  • Input Citi Mobile® Token Unlock Code for authentication
  • Your registration is complete. It will take a while for the other bank to confirm your registration, you will receive a notification when it's done.
  • Logon to Citi Mobile® App, tap "Payments" , and tap "Move Money to Citi"
  • Select the registered bank account you would like to move money from
  • Input the amount
  • Review and confirm the details
  • Your instruction is sent. The requested amount is going into your Citi account.

New limit for adding money from the following banks via “Move Money to Citi”*

Banks Maximum amount per transaction
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited HKD 100,000
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited HKD 50,000
Hang Seng Bank Limited HKD 20,000
Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Limited

*Please note the limit also applies to users who have previously registered these banks’ account via ‘Move Money to Citi’. You can make multiple transfers if you want to move higher amounts.

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