You may transfer your money - whether it is Hong Kong Dollars or foreign currency - from other local banks directly to your Citi account by following the steps below:

1 Prepare your Citi account details

  • Bank code: 250
  • Branch code: 390 (except accounts opened in Citibank N.A. for which the branch code is 790)

2 Transferring in Hong Kong Dollars may require a different account number from transferring in foreign currencies

  • Enter your Citi HKD account number (8 digits)

Note: If your local bank only asks for Bank code and account number without requesting a Branch number separately, you will need to insert your Branch number (i.e. 390 or 790) in front of your Citi account number

  • Enter your Citi multi-currency (Call Deposit) bank account number (8 digits)

Are you still not sure what to do? Just logon to your other local bank's online or mobile banking, and then follow the steps below to set the above information as the new payee.
Let’s take the transfer in of USD as an example:

  • Logon to your other bank's online banking and click "Pay or transfer".
  • Select the USD account you hold in your other bank.
  • Select "Move Money to New Payee" if you haven't added your Citi account as a registered payee in the other bank.
  • Fill in the transfer details as required, including bank country or region (if necessary), bank name, type of transfer and the account number you want to transfer to.
    Bank name: Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited
    Bank code: 250
    Branch code: 390 (except accounts opened in Citibank N.A. for which the branch code is 790)
    Account number: 8-digit multi-currency (Call Deposit) bank account number
  • Fill in payee's name, transfer currency (USD) and amount. You could also add your Citi account as a registered payee to facilitate your next foreign currency transfer.
  • Verify the details. You may need to authenticate the transaction before submitting the request.
Tips for you
  • When you initiate a transfer or add a new payee, make sure that the payee name is the same as the name you previously used to open your account/s at Citi.
  • Usually, you can transfer a larger amount of money (up to HK$ 1,000,000 - HK$ 3,000,000, which may vary in different banks) to Citi if you add your Citi account as a registered payee.
  • While Citi does not charge any handling fees for inward fund transfers, some banks may charge a fee for foreign currency transfers, especially telegraphic transfers.Depending on the other bank’s supported transfer mode, RMB transfers are usually processed via the FPS network, USD and EUR transfers are usually processed via CHATS, and other currencies are processed via telegraphic transfers.

How to find out your bank account number?

You can find your bank account number on:

Log in to Citi Mobile® App

  • After logging in, tap on your Deposits.
    Choose the account you want to unmask
  • Tap "Manage"
  • Tap "Show"
  • Enter your Citi Mobile Token Unlock Code
  • Done! You can now view your bank account number

Log in to Citibank Online via desktop/laptop computer

Click "Unmask Account Number" under Useful Links on the right hand side. Upon successful authentication of a one-time password, your account number will be displayed.

Your account number contains 8 digits only. Remember to remove any leading zeros.

Your bank statement

You can view your e-statement in Citi Mobile® App. Just go to "Profile & Settings" and tap "View eStatement".

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