From November 1, 2020 – December 31, 2022, Citi Octopus Credit Cardholders can earn up to 15% rebate on fare payments for MTR, bus, ferry, tram, green minibus and tunnel toll upon meeting designated spending in each calendar month with all your Citi Credit Cards. Register now to enjoy the offer!

Designated public transport services/tunnels MTR, bus, ferry, tram, green minibus MTR, bus, ferry, tram, green minibus, tunnels
Rebate Offer 15% 15% on designated public transport fares + 5% on tunnel tolls
Spending Requirement (each calendar month) HK$3,000 – HK$9,999 HK$10,000 or above
Maximum Offer Amount (each calendar month) HK$300 HK$500
Credit Cards and Debit Cards for Eligible Transactions All Principal Citi Credit Card under the cardholder, and the supplementary card(s) of such Citi Credit Card (including Citi Octopus Credit Card); and (effective from November 1, 2021) Citibank Debit Mastercard® .
Rebate Type Octopus Cash Rebate
(Will be credited to Citi Octopus Credit Card’s account and used to offset the relevant value of the Octopus Automatic Add Value Transaction(s) posted to any subsequent monthly statement)

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