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Life Insurance

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Wealth Accumulation with Potential Returns

AIA Bonus Power Plan 2 is a participating insurance plan. Your share of the profit generated from this product group will be distributed to you through a non-guaranteed Reversionary Bonus and non-guaranteed Terminal Bonus.

Key Features

  • Success Life protection with potential returns
  • Success Distributing your share of the profit through a non-guaranteed Reversionary Bonus and non-guaranteed Terminal Bonus
  • Success Choice of death benefit settlement option, either in a lump sum payment or in regular instalments
  • Success No medical examinations is required, subject to the prevailing rules and regulations
  • Success US dollars as policy currency
Product at a glance
Distributing share of the profit

A non-guaranteed Reversionary Bonus and non-guaranteed Terminal Bonus which are declared under the policy at least once per year starting from the end of the 3rd policy year.

  1. Reversionary Bonus: A non-guaranteed bonus, the face value of which will become guaranteed and forms a permanent addition to the policy once it is declared. It may be cashed out or left to accrue in the policy throughout its duration, allowing the value of the policy to grow with time.
  2. Terminal Bonus: A non-cumulative, non-guaranteed bonus, the amount of which is valid until the next declaration. The amount in each declaration may be greater or lesser than the previous amount based on a number of factors, including but not limited to investment returns and general market volatility.
Potential returns for a Brighter future

Long-term wealth accumulation in the form of:

  1. guaranteed cash value to secure your returns;
  2. non-guaranteed cash value of Reversionary Bonus (if any); plus
  3. non-guaranteed cash value of Terminal Bonus (if any)
Lifetime Insurance Protection

If the insured passes away, the death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary. The death benefit will include:

  1. 105% of the total premiums paid for the basic plan, which will be increased by 2% of the total premiums paid for the basic plan immediately after the end of each policy year in the first 10 policy years, up to a maximum of 125% of the total premiums paid for the basic plan; or
  2. the guaranteed cash value of the policy plus the face values of Reversionary Bonus (if any) and Terminal Bonus (if any) in the policy;

whichever is higher.

All outstanding debt under the policy will be deducted before making the above payment to the beneficiary.

If the insured passes away due to a covered accident within the first 12 months of the policy, the plan pays an additional benefit

  1. equal to the total premiums paid for the basic plan in addition to the above benefits
  2. the maximum aggregate amount of this benefit payable with respect to the same insured under all AIA Bonus Power Plan 2 policies is US$100,000.
Choice of Death Benefit Settlement Option

Apart from a lump sum payment, you can select fixed amounts of benefits to be paid to your beneficiary at regular intervals, provided that the total annual payment is at least equal to 2% of the sum of the death benefit and accidental death benefit, subject to AIA’s prevailing rules and regulations.

The death benefit settlement option is not available if the death benefit payable is less than US$50,000, subject to insurer’s prevailing rules and regulations.

Easy to join

No medical examination is required, subject to the prevailing rules and regulations.

Premium Payment Terms

2 choices of premium payment terms to suit your needs including regular premium payment of 5 / 10 years

This is a participating life insurance product underwritten by AIA International Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)

Please refer to product brochure for details including “Key Product Risks”, “Key Exclusions to Accidental Death Benefit”, “Warning Statement” and “Additional Important Information”.

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