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Frequently Asked Questions

Mutual Fund Service
FundSelect Savings Plan
Fee & Charges
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1. What types of Mutual Fund transaction order can I place via the Citi Mobile® App?

You may now subscribe and set up FundSelect Savings Plan for mutual funds via the Citi Mobile® App. The FundSelect Savings Plan is a monthly investment plan that invests regularly in the portfolio at the amount you have set up initially. Your investment holdings would be accumulated in your Regular Savings Plan (RSP) account.

2. When can I place a Mutual Fund order via the Citi Mobile® App?

You can place orders 24/7. Your order will be submitted to the respective fund house for processing. Fund houses do not process orders on public holidays/non-dealing days of the fund. You may refer to Q3 to know more about order cut-off times.

3. When will my order be processed and what is the cut-off time for order execution?

If you place an order before the cut-off time on a dealing day, your order will be processed on the same day. Otherwise, it will be processed on the next dealing day. The actual transaction date is subject to the dealing frequency (e.g. daily/monthly) mentioned in the fund offering documents.

Please refer to below for fund house cut-off times. The information below may change from time to time.

Fund Management Company Order Cut-Off Time
AllianceBernstein 4:30 PM
Allianz Global Investors 4:00 PM
Ashmore 4:30 PM
Barings Asset Management 4:30 PM
Blackrock 4:00 PM
BNP Paribas 4:30 PM
Bosera Asset Management 3:00 PM
China Asset Management 10:30 AM for money market fund /
3:00 PM for other funds
Columbia Threadneedle Investments 4:30 PM
CSOP Asset Management 3:00 PM
Da Cheng International Asset Management 3:00 PM
Deutsche Asset Management 4:00 PM
E Fund Management 3:00 PM
Fidelity Investment Management 4:00 PM
First State Investment 5:00 PM
Franklin Templeton 4:00 PM
GAM Fund Management 4:00 PM
Goldman Sachs International 4:00 PM
Harvest Global Investment 4:00 PM
Henderson Global Investors 3:00 PM
Invesco 4:00 PM
Janus Henderson (The Janus Henderson Horizon series) 3:00 PM
Janus Henderson (All except the Janus Henderson Horizon series) 4:00 PM
JPMorgan 4:00 PM
Legg Mason 4:30 PM
Man Investments 4:00 PM
Manulife Asset Management 3:00 PM
Merian Global Investors 4:00 PM
MFS 4:30 PM
Morgan Stanley 4:00 PM
Permal 4:00 PM
Pictet 2:00 PM
Schroder Investment Management 4:30 PM
State Street 4:00 PM
UBS Global Asset Management 4:00 PM
Value Partners Limited 4:00 PM
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1. How can I know if my order placement is successful?

You will receive a “transaction ID” right after placing an order. You may also check your transaction advice shortly.

2. When will you debit my settlement account for subscription orders placed via Citi Mobile® App?

The transaction amount of the subscription order will be debited from your settlement account immediately after order confirmation.

3. What is the minimum subscription amount?

The minimum subscription amount is HK$100 for the recommended portfolio for both one-time subscription and FundSelect Savings Plan. If you edit the recommended portfolio, the fund of your choice may be subject to a higher minimum subscription amount.

4. What is the maximum subscription amount of an order?

The maximum size of an order is HKD780,000. If you wish to subscribe a higher amount, please contact us. You can find our contact details on the Citibank website.

5. Why can’t I see my fund holdings after order placement?

Mutual funds are not instantly settled. You will receive the holdings in approximately 3-5 working days, depending on the fund houses.

6. Does the investment amount exclude fees?

Yes, the investment amount you input for one-time investment or monthly investments is net of fees. The total amount, including fees, debited from your account is displayed on the Review Investment Order screen before you confirm the order.

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1. What is the FundSelect Savings Plan? What is an RSP account?

A FundSelect Savings Plan is an investment plan that lets you make regular monthly investments to your portfolio at an amount that you set. Your investment holdings would be accumulated in your Regular Savings Plan (RSP) account.

2. Can I set up a FundSelect Savings Plan and start contributing today?

No, it would take one business day to process your plan instructions. As such, if you choose today as the debit date, the soonest a contribution will be made is on the same calendar day of following month.

3. Can I choose any calendar day as the contribution date?

You can choose any calendar day except 29th, 30th and 31st as the contribution date. If the contribution date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Hong Kong public holiday, the debit date will be deferred to the next business day.

4. Is there a charge to terminate a FundSelect Savings Plan?

There is no minimum investment period or termination charge for withdrawing funds after the first 12 months of account opening. Redemption within 12 months of account opening will be subjected to a 1% early termination charge of the redemption amount in addition to normal redemption charges (if any).

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1. Where can I redeem my mutual fund holdings?

You can redeem your mutual fund holdings via the Citi Mobile® App.

2. When will I receive the proceeds after redeeming a fund?

Normally, you will receive the proceeds in approximately 1-2 weeks. However, it might take longer for some funds.

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1. How much is the subscription?

The subscription fee for one-time and monthly investments is 1.5%.

2. Are there any fees besides the subscription fee?

Fund Houses may also charge management fees. Please refer to the relevant Product Key Facts for details.

3. How do I find the NAV of my subscription/redemption order?

You may find the NAV on the transaction advice.