Welcome to the new Citi ThankYou Rewards Welcome to the new Citi ThankYou Rewards Welcome to the new Citi ThankYou Rewards

Welcome to the new Citi ThankYouSM Rewards

Now you can turn your Points into a world of rewards from flights, hotels and car rentals to vouchers, frequent flyer miles and your choice of merchandise.

Redeem flights (including budget airlines)
and hotels directly with Points.

  • Fly now with your Points

    Want to travel in peak season with no limitations on mileage transfer?
    Now you can redeem below directly with Points via the new Citi ThankYouSM Rewards.


    Over 900 airlines for your selection (including HK Express, Air Asia, Jetstar, Tiger Air, Scoot and more budget airlines). No need to transfer into mileage. Redeem your favorite flight with your Points directly to a wide range of global destinations.


    Up to 190,000 unique hotel properties all over the world for your selection to plan your trip more efficiently.

    Car Rentals

    Rent a vehicle with preferred rates at the major car rental companies in over 90 countries.

What's more, you can use your Points to redeem a wide range of rewards!

  • Merchandise

    Turn your Points into gadgets, skincare products, accessories and more.
  • Points Transfer

    Being able to transfer your Points easily for a variety of international travel loyalty programs brings a new dimension of value and flexibility to your Points.
  • Vouchers and Cash

    Redeem cash vouchers or reduce your credit card balance using Points.
  • Instant Redemption

    Use your Points to offset your spending instantly at selected shopping hotspots.

Simple steps to redeem rewards

  • Sign on to Citi ThankYouSM Rewards.

    Don't have a Citibank Online User ID and password? Register here.

  • Search for flights, hotels ,
    car rentals, merchandise, gift vouchers and more.

  • Redeem your rewards directly with Points.
  • Online Cash Rebate Redemption | Citi Credit Card Offers – Citi Hong Kong

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Apply now and experience a world of rewards.