Most cards offer rewards. But how many offer memories?

Most cards offer rewards. But how many offer memories?

When you carry the Citi Prestige Card, prepare yourself for some exclusive and unforgettable experiences, from complimentary access at airport lounges worldwide to 24-hour Citi Prestige Concierge services, and from a Preferential Mileage Earn Rate to Annual Relationship Points that the longer you stay with Citibank, the more extra rewards you can earn.

Citi Prestige Card

Top reasons to get a Citi Prestige Card

  • Preferential Mileage Earn Rate
    Local Spending : HK$6 = 1 Mile; Overseas Spending : HK$4 = 1 Mile
  • Unlimited complimentary global airport lounge access via Priority PassTM
  • Citi Prestige Concierge
Welcome Offers
Up to 40,000 Asia Miles + 2 Nights Complimentary Resort at Anantara for 2 people

Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions

Card Benefits

Unlimited complimentary global airport lounge access via Priority Pass™

Citi Prestige Card gives principal cardholders complimentary access to more than 600 airport lounges in cities around the world through Priority Pass. No membership fees, no lounge pass fees - just present your Priority Pass Card upon entering the lounge.

Citibank Rewards

Unlimited Points

Earn 2 Points for every HK$1 you spend locally, and 3 Points for every HK$1 you spend overseas1. There's no limit to how many points you can accrue and they never expire, so you can save for a reward you really want.

Preferential Mileage Earn Rate

You can convert your Points to Miles with a preferential mileage earn rate. Every 12 Points can be converted to 1 Mile.

Preferential Mileage Earn Rate

Points for Cash

Through the "Points for Cash" Reward Program, you can now redeem 250 Points for HK$1 cash rebate.

Up to extra 30% Annual Relationship Points

Earn Annual Relationship Points based on purchases every year. Your Annual Relationship Points are made up of a percentage of your yearly total eligible spending amount and the percentage rate increases based on the number of years you are with Citibank. For Citigold and Citigold Private Clients, the Annual Relationship Points earned are even more rewarding. The table below shows the breakdown among the various types of relationships.

Length of Relationship
Percentage Rate
Cardholder without Citigold Private Client/Citigold account Cardholder with Citigold Private Client/Citigold account
1 5% 10%
2 to 5 7% 15%
6 to 9 10% 20%
≥10 15% 30%

Example: Existing Citigold customer with 10-year relationship and holding Citi Prestige Card:

Length of Relationship 10 years
Total eligible spending amount in one full year from the respective anniversary of the Citi Prestige Card account opened date HK$200,000
Applicable percentage rate 30%
Annual Relationship Points earned 60,000 Points

Citi Prestige Concierge

One call connects you to a team of in-country experts who are ready to assist you 24/7 in wealth of languages, from anywhere in the world.

Making dinner reservations at the world's finest restaurants, sourcing wonderful gifts, arranging spa treatments or leisure activities, as well as taking care of all your travel and entertainment requests, our representatives go above and beyond to help make your dreams a reality.

Citi Prestige Global Events

As a Citi Prestige cardholder, you'll have exclusive access to global events and offers. Each year, our Citi Prestige Concierge team scours the globe to identify the most coveted experiences and events3. From courtside seats at sporting tournaments to fashion shows or the opening night of a big Broadway show - you'll be able to purchase tickets and gain admission to many exclusive events.

Luxury Hotel Collection

As a Citi Prestige principal cardholder, you can receive a complimentary night at your choice of luxury hotels and resorts with a minimum 4-consecutive night stay at any World Elite Luxury Hotels and Resorts4.

Golf Benefits

You are invited to play on some of the finest golf courses. Principal cardholders can enjoy complimentary green fees at 2,400 golf courses all around the world5.

Year Round Dining and Shopping Offers

You can enjoy an array of dining and shopping privileges across the town.

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How To Apply

Applying online for a Citi Prestige Card is easy. Simply select a submission method most convenient to you.


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
  • Annual income must be HK$600,000 or more

Apply Now

  • Select "Apply Now"
  • Fill-in the simplified application form
  • We'll contact you within 2 working days to complete your application over the phone

Apply Now

  • Select "Apply Now"
  • Fill-in the simplified application form
  • We'll contact you within 2 working days to complete your application over the phone

Submit Document

Please send copies of your supporting documents via one of the various channels

  • HKID
  • Residential address
  • Income and employment information.

If not a Permanent Hong Kong Resident, please also submit:

  • Employment contract/employment letter showing employment period AND
  • Copies of HKID and passport showing the name, passport number and nationality of the applicant.
  • Points for Cash
  • Apply for a Supplementary Card. It's rewarding to share.

Remarks, Terms and Conditions:Remarks, Terms and Conditions:


  • Citibank Rewards Program terms and conditions apply for all Points related offers.
  • Cardholder can redeem 1 Asia Miles/ KrisFlyer/ British Airways Executive Club/ Enrich/ Etihad Guest/ Garuda Frequent Flyer mile (12 Points) for every HK$6 local spending/ HK$4 overseas spending, OR 1 Royal Orchid Plus/ Skymiles mile (13 Points) for every HK$6.5 local spending/ HK$4.4 overseas spending, OR 1 Infinity Mileagelands mile (18 Points) for every HK$9 local spending/ HK$6 overseas spending. Overseas spending is defined as transactions made outside of Hong Kong (excluding Mainland China and Macau) or internet transactions, in which the transaction is settled in foreign currency.
  • Citi Prestige global offers and events are subject to availability. Some offers cannot be used or redeemed in conjunction with any other offers. All bookings must go through Citi Prestige Concierge.
  • To receive your complimentary night you must:
    • Select one of the Hotels and Resorts that participate in the World Elite Luxury Hotels and Resorts Portfolio;
    • Make a reservation for a minimum four-night stay via Citi Prestige Concierge; and
    • Fully pay for your stay with a Citi Prestige Card. Receive standard World Elite Hotel Benefits plus one free night (room rate for the fourth night and applicable taxes only). Hotel imposed fees and incidental guest charges are the cardholder's responsibility. The value of the complimentary night will be the actual rate on that applicable fourth night of the reservation, even if it is different from the rate on other nights. You will be charged the total cost of the stay at checkout and will receive a credit to your statement for the cost of the complimentary night. All statement credits will be reflected on cardholder's Citi Prestige card statement and will appear within two statement periods following the month in which cardholder completed his/her travel. Foreign exchange conversion rates may fluctuate resulting in slight differences in amount credited. This benefit can only be used twice per calendar year based upon arrival dates. Only one complimentary night is eligible per room reservation. The benefit can only be used by each principal account. Call your Citi Prestige Concierge for participating properties and current rates.
  • Golf Privilege is valid till September 30, 2014. All offers are subject to change and tee-time availability. Cardholders must book golf with their Citi Prestige Card. The principal cardholder will receive 3 complimentary rounds of golf (one round per player) through the Citi Prestige Golf Portal (Powered by GolfSwitch, Inc.) each calendar year, subject to the terms and conditions of the Program. The Citi Prestige Card must be used to reserve the rounds, and if the round is eligible for the complimentary offer, the Cardholder will not be billed. After the 3 free rounds of golf are used, the Cardholder will need to use their Citi Prestige card to book and pay for additional rounds.

Terms and Conditions for Priority Pass Lounge Access

  • The Priority Pass Card ("PPC") is offered by Priority Pass (A.P.) Limited ("PPL") to Principal Cardholders (the "Principal Cardholders") of Citi Prestige Card ("Eligible Card") issued by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited ("Citibank") only. The PPC is not transferable and is only valid up to its date of expiration and when it has been signed by the Principal Cardholder. The PPC may not be used by any person other than the Principal Cardholder. Improper use of the PPC could constitute fraud.
  • Principal Cardholders acknowledge and agree that Citibank can provide PPL with information (including any personal data of Cardholder) necessary to verify the validity of the Cardholder's Eligible Card and offer the PPC.
  • Principal Cardholders can enjoy complimentary lounge visits, subject to the conditions set out in clause 4. Each accompany guest (including supplementary cardholder) should pay an entrance fee of HK$250 for each access, which will be debited from the Principal Cardholder's Citi Prestige Card within 3 statement cycles after the lounge visit.
  • In the event that a Principal Cardholder has used the PPC but has not conducted any valid transactions with the Eligible Card in the same calendar year, Citibank reserves the right to charge the Principal Cardholder an administrative fee of HK$200 per year. Valid transactions do not include, but without limitation, cash advances, fees and charges, withdrawal amount under the Balance Transfer Program, Cash Conversion Program and Dial a Check Installment Program, payment to the Inland Revenue Department, casino transactions, online bill payment, or unposted / cancelled / refunded transactions.
  • All participating lounges are owned and operated by third party organizations. Principal Cardholders and accompanying guests must abide by the rules and policies of each participating lounge/club. Access may be restricted due to space constraints but this will be wholly at the discretion of each individual lounge operator. Citibank and PPL have no control over the facilities offered, the opening/closing times or the personnel employed by the lounges. The administrators of PPL will use every endeavor to ensure the benefits and facilities are available as advertised, but PPL does not warrant nor guarantee in any way that said benefits and facilities will be available at the time of the Principal Cardholder's visit. Neither PPL nor Citibank is liable for any loss to the Principal Cardholder, or any accompanying guests, arising from the provision or non-provision (whether in whole or in part) of any of the advertised benefits and facilities. All accompanying children (where permitted) will be subject to the full entrance fee unless otherwise stated in the lounge listing.
  • Participating lounges have no contractual obligation to announce flights and Citibank and PPL shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting out of any Principal Cardholder and/or accompanying guests failing to board their flight(s).
  • Admittance to lounges is subject to Principal Cardholders and any guests (including children) behaving and dressing (no shorts allowed outside of the USA) in an orderly and correct manner. Any infants or children causing upset to other users' comfort may be asked to vacate the lounge facilities. Citibank and PPL are not liable for any loss suffered by the member and any guests where a lounge operator has refused admission because the Principal Cardholder and/or guests have not complied with these conditions.
  • Principal Cardholder should report to 24-hour Citi Prestige Service Line at (852) 2860 0338 immediately of any lost or stolen PPC to prevent fraudulent use. A replacement cost of HK$200 may be charged by Citibank for replacement of lost and/or stolen PPCs.
  • In the event of the Principal Cardholder cancelling or not renewing the Eligible Card, the PPC shall be invalid effective from the cancellation date of their Eligible Card. Any lounge visits made by a Principal Cardholder using an invalid PPC, including any guests, remain the liability of the Principal Cardholder.
  • Renewal terms and conditions are at the discretion of Citibank and PPL. Citibank and PPL have the right to refuse membership to people who are employed by or contracted to an airline, airport or a Government in respect of airline or airport security.
  • Citibank and PPL shall not be held responsible for any disputes that may occur between the Principal Cardholder and/or any guests and a lounge operator.
  • Principal Cardholder agrees that s/he will defend and indemnify Citibank and PPL, its directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively 'the indemnified parties') against and hold each indemnified party harmless from all liabilities, damages, losses, claims, suits, judgments, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) for injury to or death of any person or damage to or destruction of any property arising out of the use of any lounge by the Principal Cardholder or any guests or any person in said lounge at the behest of the Principal Cardholder, except that such indemnification shall not extend to acts of gross negligence or willful misconduct by the indemnified parties.
  • Priority Pass Lounge access for Principal Cardholders is provided at the discretion of Citibank. In the event that Citibank elects to cancel this privilege, Citibank will notify all Principal Cardholders in writing 30 days prior to the discontinuation of the PPC and the Principal Cardholder may be required to return the PPC to Citibank for disposal. Otherwise, if the Principal Cardholder continues to use the PPC after the effective date of cancellation, the Principal Cardholder accepts full liability to pay for all subsequent lounge visits. These visits will automatically be billed to his / her Eligible Card. If the Eligible Card is declined for whatever reasons, the principal Cardholder agrees that he / she will pay for the visit by another method of payment.
  • Other Terms and Conditions apply. For details, please visit
  • Citibank and PPL reserve the right to vary or cancel the offers and/or amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, Citibank's and PPL's decision shall be final and conclusive.
  • In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Terms and Conditions for Citi Prestige Card Annual Relationship Points Program (the "ARP Program")

  1. A Cardholder's entitlement of Annual Relationship Points percentage rate ("Percentage Rate") depends on his/her length of relationship with Citibank ("Length of Relationship") and whether the Cardholder is holding a Citigold Private Client/Citigold account. Length of Relationship would be determined by the year of the earliest account opened date the Cardholder has an established relationship with Citibank either in credit card and/or banking accounts. All account(s) should still be valid and in good standing in order to be eligible for determining the length of relationship and the respective Percentage Rate. The Percentage Rate is determined on the respective anniversary of the principal Eligible Card opened date ("Anniversary Date").
  2. Points earned under the ARP Program are calculated on an annual basis by multiplying the Percentage Rate with the total eligible spending amount charged to the Eligible Card Account in one full year from the Anniversary Date. Eligible spending excludes invalid transactions defined in Clause 28 of the Citibank Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.
  3. Points earned under the ARP Program are credited to the Eligible Card Account within one month after the Anniversary Date.

Terms and Conditions for Citi Prestige Concierge Program ("CPC Program")

  1. The CPC Program is provided by an Appointed Concierge Vendor ("ACV").
  2. Participation of the CPC Program will be deemed to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions hereby listed below in additions to Terms and Conditions of any participating merchant or service provider or other authorized agent.
  3. Cardholders acknowledge and agree that Citibank can provide ACV with information (including any personal data of Cardholder) necessary to verify the validity of the Cardholder's Eligible Card.
  4. Cardholders agree that any personal information collected or held by ACV is provided and may be held, used and disclosed by ACV to third parties for the purpose of providing the CPC Program.
  5. Citibank shall not in any way be liable for any good or services or the quality or performance of such good and services supplied by any participating merchant or service provider or other authorized agent under the CPC Program. The Cardholder should seek redress and direct any complaints or comments in respect of such goods and services to the respective participating merchant, provider or agent.
  6. Citibank and ACV undertake to exercise due care and diligence in the appointment and/or referral of any service provider to assist the Cardholder under the CPC Program. However, Citibank and ACV assume no responsibility for any advices and services given by any such service provider.
  7. Citibank and ACV shall not be required to provide the CPC Program to Cardholders located in areas which in the sole opinion of Citibank and ACV represent war risks, political or other conditions such as to make such services impossible or reasonably impracticable.
  8. Cardholders shall not have any recourse against Citibank and ACV for any inconvenience, loss or damage which the Cardholder may attract or incur as a result of Citibank and/or ACV referral of or contact with a service provider on behalf of the Cardholder.

General Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise specified, the offers apply to principal and supplementary cardholders ("Cardholders") of Citi Prestige Card issued by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited ("Citibank"). The offers cannot be used in conjunction with other special promotions, discounts or promotional coupons, nor be transferred or exchanged for cash or other offers. Availability of the offers is subject to offer or service availability, account status checking and final acceptance by Citibank and the respective merchants' absolute discretion. Photos, product specifications and prices are for reference only. Citibank shall not be responsible for any matters in relation to the related products or services. The respective merchants are solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services. Citibank and the respective merchants reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of Citibank and the respective merchants. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms & Conditions, the English version shall prevail.